We Are Bigger than This

I met a lady who struggled with depression. She was hopeless and did not have a good outlook on life. Our first encounter consisted of her telling me how she didn’t think no one could help her. She was stressed out with work and didn’t have any help at home. She didn’t have anyone else to turn to and thought just for a second if she went to the hospital her life might change for the better.

She was ambivalent when she arrived at the hospital because she didn’t know what to expect. She was scared because she had to trust us as professionals and listen to our word. Over a matter of days, she became comfortable and opened to options I was able to provide for her. She allowed for us to talk to family and we were able to meet with them and identify her primary issues at home. The family was not aware because she made it seem like everything was perfect. The husband agreed to help out and found ways to make “home life” better for the client. After a couple of weeks of taking medication and learning about coping skills, she was able to talk about ongoing treatment. She was discharged a few days later, followed treatment that was recommended and felt good about coming to the hosptial afterall. That was her experience with mental health but she is not alone. Continue reading “We Are Bigger than This”

4 Benefits of Support Groups

Mental health awareness is on a rise. Some people don’t mind talking about it, while others prefer to stay to themselves. Either way the awareness needs to be addressed and we went too long without making the awareness a priority.

“I’m not crazy”.

Is the first thing I hear whenever someone talks about seeing a therapist. But what does that mean? Why is there a stigma for people who are trying to obtain help. Mental health is healthcare and it’s time to put a stop to the stigma. But the only way we will put a stop it is if we make the conversation comfortable in at our kitchen tables.

One way I believe the stigma will diminish is by talking. The most common places where people are taking about mental health are in inpatient facilities and outpatient mental health programs, but it shouldn’t stop there. As a matter of fact these programs are a great place to START and learn how we can make mental health a common conversation in our communities.

Mental health is bigger than that (not that those programs are not important) it’s important to think broader because people can have a mental breakdown at any place, anytime, anywhere.

I reached out on Facebook and asked people if they knew of a mental health support group. I didn’t get much feedback, which informed me there is a lack our communities. A support group may seem simple for some people however its beneficial for our communities and people who are dealing with mental health. It goes so far to have a platform where people can express themselves and know there is a place they can look forward to to hear valuable information about topics that helps them and the people they love. Continue reading “4 Benefits of Support Groups”

Don’t Be Afraid to Live Your Best Life

After the birth of our son I had the pleasure to enjoy maternity leave. I was not sure how I was going to handle going back to work, but overall I knew reality was coming whether I liked it or not. I was nervous, scared, and upset because I knew I had to go back in order to help support our family. I wanted to spend my time at home watching our son grow. I wasn’t certain what going back to work was going to be like. I knew I was going to miss being around him all day, and I wasn’t sure if daycare was going to be a good fit for him. Would they hold him the way I do? Or give him the attention I know he craves, or rub his back when he falls asleep? I had to trust someone with our son and a part of that scared me.

It wasn’t until I dropped him off to daycare for the first day that I realized this was it…I had to trust someone. When he came home from his first day of daycare he was exhausted and for the first time I was able to get some work done. It’s been a while since I had the chance to write, listen to podcast, or do anything pertaining to my personal goals. Turns out daycare has been a great asset to our life. The next day our son smiled when he realized he was back at the familiar place. It put my heart at ease knowing he was happy and content with his new surroundings. I was able to get back into writing, I even got up early last week to go to the gym. For the first time in three months I felt like I had the opportunity to get back to me. That’s when I realized in order to move towards a goal we have to let some things go and put some things into place in order to put our best foot forward.

Why I Went To Therapy After Pregnancy

There’s a lot of joyful moments during pregnancy along with advice, criticism, and things people tell you they did while they were pregnant. I must say my pregnancy journey was not a harsh one. I did not experience morning sickness, I was able to exercise whenever I didn’t feel lazy, and I worked up until five days prior to my due date. I felt good for the most part. I had good reports from the OBGY-N and my primary doctor. Our baby shower was a success and we have yet bought a pack of wipes or a case of diapers thus far. Our son latched on immediately and I gain more breast milk to put in the freezer. Things were looking good and I felt ready to take on the journey that was ahead of me. But after a few weeks of our son’s birth, I knew I had to see a therapist. My mental state depended on it.

People told me to say goodbye to sleep but I wasn’t sure how much sleep I was going to lose. During the hospital stay, I was spoiled by the nurses, they checked up on me every hour and helped me whenever I needed rest. I healed up better than I expected and I was walking around the hospital whenever I felt the need to stretch my legs. I was ready to go home, more than ever and the car ride home was not as bad as I was told.

Our first night home was eventful, we were up all night and our wonderful Yorki thought it was a good idea to poop in the baby’s room. Our son was screaming his head off and we all were adjusting to a new life in our home. My husband stepped on the poop in route to changing our son’s diaper. I had to take control and tell him we were going to be okay, let’s take care of the baby and poop and make our way back to bed. That first night turned into many sleepless nights. I woke up delusional wondering if having a child was really in the books for me. I wanted some rest of any kind and a small part of me wanted my old life back. I was later informed that those feelings were normal and that it will get better soon but I wasn’t sure when soon was going to come.  Continue reading “Why I Went To Therapy After Pregnancy”

How to Get Out Your Funky Mood

Since March, I have been enjoying the journey of maternity leave. Prior to taking a hiatus from my job, I anticipated for day I would not have to return to work. All to know that motherhood is an excursion in itself.  I’ve cried, became frustrated, and confused when it came to soothing our son whenever he cried. There were even times when I cried, however, I’ve learned to take a deep breath and work through it.

During my maternity leave I don’t have many places to go with a newborn, (especially with this unpredictable weather). After so many days of staying in the house, it started messing with my mental state. When walls look the same and your creative mind is challenged there are times when you want to throw in the towel and say forget it!  I sat and watch television all day, talk on the phone about meaningless conversations, while changing diapers, nursing, and singing songs that have no meaning, (which is interesting I must say). This pattern happened consecutively and it got to a point where I became angry. I didn’t know what I want for my life and I was starting to feel like my life was chipping away. I was no longer an individual who had a dream, but a mom who had someone depending on them.

I love being a mom, and I am grateful to have a healthy baby, but sometimes I felt like that’s all I was…a mom. I believed my dreams were on the backburner and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to focus on them again. I viewed other people who were successful and became jealous. I was afraid that I would not be able to do what I wanted to do in life, as if my aspirations were taken away from me. This became scary because I thought what if I don’t do what I really wanted to do in life? This lead to frustration and confusion. One of the reasons why I felt this way was because growing up people would say, “when you have children your life is over.” Continue reading “How to Get Out Your Funky Mood”