4 Ways to Clean Out Your Closet

Last night I cleaned out our pantry. It was unplanned which took me by surprise. My husband brought groceries home and I realized I couldn’t put the food in the pantry until I cleaned it out. While going through stuff Iimg_4752 noticed most of the perishable items were outdated. Some had an expiration date of 2015, disgusting right? I filled the garbage bag with the outdated items, swept the bottom of the pantry, and replaced them with new groceries. Afterward, the pantry looked amazing and it was easy to get to certain things. I even got a compliment from my husband which made me feel enthused.

This is how life is. We keep undesirable people in our lives and expect our world to go in a positive direction. There are some folks you have to wean out of your inner circle. Especially if they are causing you more harm than good. You have to ask yourself who is a benefit in your life, who can you depend on when you are sick, or who motivates your wildest dreams? People can become a hindrance, and it can be difficult to pinpoint who they are. But think about it, if a person is not conducting positive energy in your life, why are you around them? Sometimes it’s not people, it can be things like electronics, cars, or even our jobs. Whatever’s causing distractions in your life it’s time to get rid of it. 

1. Get an agenda. We all learned how to create an agenda in school. Write down your plans and make sure you are consistent with it. Make post notes and put them on your bathroom mirror. Read it regularly (even say it out loud) and remind yourself the reason of your initial goals. When you accomplish a goal, write it down and state how you feel about it. This way you can read up on the accomplishments you’ve made which will motivate you to keep on going. If you have to turn off your phone or leave it in another room in order to get your work done then do it, no matter what!200

2. Diminish negative people in your life. Now, there’s a difference between constructive criticism, and negative people. Don’t get the two confused. Constructive criticism is when someone is relaying information for you to become better in what you are doing. This will involve encouragement along with positive and negative feedback. Their delivery will not be sour nor will they make you feel less of a person in whatever goals you are trying to accomplish. Negative people NEVER have anything nice to say about EVERYTHING! Most negative people don’t have much going on with their life, so how can you expect them to bring positivity into yours? Whenever you tell them your goals they’ll either shut it down or put the attention back on themselves. There is no need to interact with someone like this. They’re unteachable because they assume they know everything and conversing with them becomes a difficult task.

However, you have to steer away from these kinds of people. Their energy can linger on to you. This will stop you from pursuing your own goals and lead you down the wrong path. Remember, if you want to have a better year it’s vital to be around people with positive energy!


3. You are the company you keep! Take a look at your peers. What are they doing with their lives? People who are pursuing their dreams will motivate others to do the same. Even if you don’t know what you want to do in life, your peers have a way of helping you figure it out, for some strange reason. Watching others succeed in what they do should only push you to strive for your purpose in life.

4. Have meaningful conversations.  It’s crucial to talk about your vision and success with your peers (positive people only). Don’t waste time talking about things you don’t have control over. We can talk on the phone for hours about meaningless things but that will distract us from our main goals. Sure they are fun to talk about but don’t consume most of your time discussing it. Talking about what someone posted on social media, will not help you with pursuing your dreams.

Distractions are everywhere! At work, in class, or in route to a destination, you are likely to get sidetrack by something. It’s quite easy to get distracted, that’s why some people don’t accomplish their goals. Think about weight loss failures or businesses ventures that are obsolete. We attend to lose focus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bounce back. The first thing you should do is to CLEAN YOUR CLOSET. You can read about thousand of tips to cleaning out your closet. However, these four simple tips you just read will get you on the path to the right direction.

We have to evaluate our life every once in a while. Sometimes you have to have a meeting with yourself to see if you are on the right track. You will not be considered crazy. There comes a time in your life when you have to put YOU first. Get spiritual guidance and ask God to help you if you don’t know who’s toxic in your life. We all want to be successful in some shape img_2460or form, but know there are steps leading to your ultimate goal. As long as you are breathing God gives you the chance to start over. But what will you do differently?

-Jamie Rockymore-Bess

Community Convo: 

What are your goals in life? What’s causing your distractions? If you are successful, share in the comments one of the things you did in order to be successful.

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