5 Reason Vacations are Crucial for your Mental Health

Every day we report to work and focus on what we need to do in order to succeed in our careers. We schedule appointments, meet deadlines, and fry our brains for hours at a time. We do this daily resulting in stress, self-doubt, and frustration. We get flustered, forget things, and sometimes take shortcuts instead of completing assignments the right way. We’ve all been there, that’s why this blog post is critical. It hits home for a lot of people who work and need a break from life. It’s important to give our minds a rest, as a matter of fact, it should be a requirement.

I know people that run off of energy drinks, works two or three jobs for years at a time and have no idea what it means to take a vacation. These people can be grumpy, lose insight on their goals, and forget their purpose in life, all because they don’t take a break from work. Taking our mind and body away from our work space does a lot for our mental health. Everyone should take a vacation at least once a year. If you can squeeze in two vacations per year that’s great, and if you can go more than twice a year, you’re doing better than most Americans! I conducted some research and read that thirty-five percent of Americans will take a vacation this year, are you a part of that 35 percent?

In May, I went on a cruise. This was my first time cruising and I must say I enjoyed the experience. The hubby and I met people from different parts of the world, and I visited some cool islands all within seven days. It was nice, well needed, and made me sad when it was time to return home.

Travel Agent Central Stats: 35 Percent of
Americans to Take Family Vacations This Year – by Newsdeck 

When you come back from sinking your toes in the sand or walking around a new city, you arrive home in a better mood. Your co-workers embrace you and ask how was your vacation? You get to relive the moment and tell stories, which brings back great memories. Some co-workers will give you the scoop on what happened while you were gone. While others will just be happy you are back in the office. Overall, taking a few days off of work and going somewhere out of your element is crucial on so many levels. Take a moment to check out why vacationing is vital to your mental health.

Relaxes / Relieves Stress:
When vacating you have the opportunity to set your own schedule. If you want to relax on the beach and not do nothing all day, it wouldn’t matter because the choice is yours! When you are thousands of miles away from your office work should be the last thing on your agenda. You can listen to the waves, go on a hike, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Rest should be a given while on vaca. We sleep in and don’t have to worry about alarms going off or unwanted phone calls. One of the reasons we are grumpy is because our sleep time is cut short on a daily basis. Extending that shut eye time will make you feel better. Instead of hitting the alarm two or three times, allow the sun and cozy sheets to wake you up!

Clears the Mind:

When you are absent from daily headaches and demands, you decompress your mind and focus on things that matter. There’s no tension and relaxation is the only thing that should be a priority while you are away. When we don’t give our brain a chance to distort negative thoughts, they pile up in our minds causing us to be tense and may even cause a mental break. Vacating gives you a chance to relax as well as learn about new things, which will ease our minds and who wouldn’t want that?

Healthy for Relationships:

When you go away with your spouse idle time opens opportunities for intimacy. You don’t have to worry about children in the background and you can do things that you normally wouldn’t do around the house. You may want to light candles and spark the romance that’s been lacking over the past weeks, months, or even years! Going on vacation with your spouse promotes meaningful conversations to discuss future goals and other things you are unable to talk about. Some couples enjoy each other by holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. Whatever works for you and your spouse is great. It’s easy to lose chemistry due to social issues and life stressors however, going on vacation can bring the intimacy and love back into your marriage.

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Productive on Goals/ Purpose:

It’s common to get sidetracked by things we want to do with our lives. Many people go to college and get into an unwanted career. Sometimes this is a good thing, and other times it is not. Whenever you talk to someone who is doing something they do not have the desire to do, it shows in their personality. It’s important to live in your purpose here on Earth butif you don’t, you will never be fulfilled. There are thousands of people who don’t get to live their dreams. They settle for mediocre or dead end jobs that leave them miserable. I say all that to say this: vacations can promote your goals and dreams. Again, when we are away from our jobs our minds are clear and it allows room for creativity.

Promotes more Vacations:

I am sure you saw this one coming. Anyone who goes on vacation once will want to go again and again…hopefully. Enjoying the outdoors and new experience makes you want to do it again but on a different level. Some people go to resorts for the first time, and when they go again, they do something spontaneous like go on excursions. People try to make the best out of their vacations especially when they go more than once. That’s what life is all about right? Enjoying what God has to offer and living to tell about it.

Think about how you are when you work every day, you attend to complain about small things, everyday life becomes a drag, and it’s easy to become irritable with colleagues. When you notice your temper is a bit short and you become argumentative think to yourself: when was the last time I was on vacation?

Community Convo: Have you been on vacation this year? If so where did you go, if not where do you plan on going this year?

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