5 Reasons Why People Are Depressed & How To Get Out of It

Depression happens to a lot of people and for some, they don’t realize they are experiencing depression until someone points it out to them.  Feeling down and out can be genetic and depression can not only affect a person but the people around them. There is no scientific formula that will make someone snap out of it, but there are ways to prevent from feeling blue. You can seek a therapist, psychologist, or even a psychiatrist, these professionals know what it takes to turn those dark days around. But it’s going to take some work within yourself to do so.

Here are 5 reasons people find themselves down in the dumps and may not realize it.

Finances: Everyone wants financial freedom right? When you ask a person, what will they do with a million dollars most will say pay off debt. We work hard and find it difficult to stay afloat with bills, loans, and other debt. When you find yourself not having money to spend on small things like taking yourself out to eat or paying a past due bill it can become overwhelming. Hundreds of people are working two jobs just to stay up on their finances. And there are even more people who are working and still don’t have enough money to provide for themselves or their family.

Quick Tip: In order to get out of a financial bind, you have to make a daily decision to work on financial freedom. Ignoring bills and deleting past due balances will not get you out of your financial burdens. You MUST sit down and make a plan. Figure out where you are spending money and find ways to obtain an income or make decisions on how you cut back on unnecessary spending. A lot of people are not aware but it’s common to spend money on fast food. It’s easy to stop and get a quick bite to eat especially if you are running around all day. However, some people have a hard time figuring out where to start.

Another tip is to find ways to invest your money instead of spending it on meaningless things. Put your money in a penny stock instead of buying those shoes that you do not need or stop your gym membership and work out at home. Plan your grocery trips and use coupons instead of shopping when the refrigerator is bare.  Another good link is presented below. Check it out to, this will et you in the right direction.

7 Steps to Financial Freedom: A Formula for Success Brian Tracy 

Lack of Motivation:  When you invest working at a job you have no intentions to retire from this can block your purpose and motivation. You feel like you have nothing to live for and you won’t see any growth within yourself. People can be prone to do the same thing repeatedly because it is in our nature. We go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch our favorite shows, get on the internet for a bit and get ready for bed, just to do it all over again the next day. Days, months, and years go by and people find themselves working at the same place after so many years and don’t have much accomplished. It takes a DAILY CONSCIOUS DECISION to want to make a change in your life and do something different. This can be extremely difficult when a person is accustom to doing a job that is not a career or challenge for them. Once you find what peaks your interest you will become motivated and you’ll be surprised at what you can do to pursue your passion.

Quick Tip:  You will need to network in order to be successful. Meeting people in the field of your passion will go a long way. They can show you things and guide you on the right path to success. Social media allows people to meet online and this can be just as helpful as networking in person. Everyone lacks motivation at some point in their life and tragedies can prevent anyone from being motivated. When people become depressed they don’t want to do anything and there are times when it’s okay to soak in sorrow, but we have to get ourselves up at some point and want to change for the better. Here are a few things I used to help me get to a better place when I am feeling unmotivated.

13 Tips To Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Depressed -Charley Mendoza 

Minimal/No Social Support: Our closest friends and family are what keeps us grounded. Whenever you are experiencing a tough day it’s promising that you will talk to a friend, spouse, or family member to relieve tension. Hearing yourself vent can be a good thing because everything that is bottled up inside of you comes out. Think about it, how relieved are you after you talk about an issue at work?  When we talk about our issues we become receptive to problem-solving.

Social support goes a long way. That’s why society states when you want to advance in something (career, finances, etc.) you should hang around people who are striving in what you are seeking.  Having adequate support boost your self-esteem and your growth. It gives you a sense of acceptance and it makes you feel good about yourself when you are doing what you are passionate about.

Quick Tip: There is at least one person you can call when an issue arises. Cherish that relationship and be there for that person when they are going through something. Sometimes we lose out on relationships because we become selfish and only call people when we need them. That is not a good balance and in any relationship and understand friendships have its ups and downs don’t be so quick to not listen to the other person when an issue happens.

Social Support/Here to Help Dr. Nichole Fairbrother Ph.D 

Social Environment: People living in unstable homes and not having the support they need (going back to social support) can lead to depression. Some people live in environments where hope is diminished and corruption is exposed. There are children who live in places where parents are afraid for them to play outside due to the risk of getting hurt. When people live in rough neighborhoods it becomes difficult for them to see opportunities outside their environment.

Children may see people selling drugs on the corner or police activities that can be troublesome for them. Some people who live in poor neighborhoods don’t think a college education is an option and feel that they are going to end up on the streets or unsuccessful in life.

Quick Tip: Understand that your current situation does not have to be a permanent one. There are a lot of people who were raised in unstable homes and became successful later in life. Living in a poor environment can be difficult to see outside the box but you have to make a conscious decision to do so. Meet different people and take advantage of  your local libarires. You can read up on biographies and watch documentaries on people who lived in similar environments. Take a moment and invest your time in learning about other people, this will educate and motivate you to know that where you are currently can and will change with a plan and motivation!

Poor Dieting: Unhealthy eating does not help anyone at all, not by a long shot! It makes you gain weight and causes health issues in the future. No one is saying you have to eat perfect daily, but if you are going to indulge in junk food do so in moderation. Nowadays society promotes healthy eating and a lot of restaurants have vegan and gluten-free options for their guest. There are a lot of literature people can read to educate themselves on healthy eating and thanks to the internet and social media, healthy living has been a hot topic that a lot of people are intrigued to learn about.

The documentary What the Health brought attention to a lot of people and it was an eye opener, even if you didn’t care to change your diet you couldn’t help but see what the fuss was about. I believe it helped people become aware of what they are putting into their bodies.

Quick Tip: Learn about how certain foods can alter your moods. I once read something that stated: Eat to live not live to eat! I thought that was a powerful statement because we can get immune to comfort food, especially when we are depressed! Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician and see what your body is lacking. Blood work is commonly required because it will let the physician know your levels and what you need to eat for a healthier lifestyle. When we take care of ourselves our mood changes and that’s a great start to get out of depression!

The more we talk about topics like depression or mental health issues the better chances people will become vocal and not feel awkward about feeling this way. Mental health is serious and millions of people suffer from it daily. Let’s change the stigma of mental health! Let’s start the conversation.

Community Convo: What are some of the things you think leads to depression?  What do you think people can do to solve this? 


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