5 Tips for Tackling Stress


We get disturbed thinking about reoccurring bills and other priorities that require our financial attention. We go to work and for some of us, we are unsatisfied with our position, especially those working for companies with little to no growth. Many people want to resign from their jobs but do not have enough money in their savings to call it quits. When we are not happy at work we lack motivation and produce minimum performances that commonly results in stress. When stressed, we reduce involvement in social gatherings, become isolative, and lack productivity in things that give us joy. This is not conducive to our health spiritually, physically, and mentally. Therefore, it is important to know how to handle stress. THE ULTIMATE DREAM is to do what we love and even with that comes pressure. Talk with an entrepreneur or a person at the peak of their career, they will tell you that stress visited them quite a few times during their journey!

I wish I could trade in my work shoes and go back to playing in the backyard with my childhood friends. Oh, how I wish to be a kid again!

Stress is not going anywhere, it is here to stay for eternity! 

Here are common issues that cause stress:

  • Work
  • Living Environment
  • Lack of Social Support
  • Relationships

It’s obvious people handle stress differently. Once an issue is conquered enjoy the moment because in due time another problem is on its way…take a deep breath because we are going in!

It’s simple to walk around and talk about issues we face on a daily basis. We see people express themselves on social media platforms all the time. Talking about it is half the battle, it’s important to identify the problem but take the initiative to work through it. You can do it!

10 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress 

  1. Balance Meals: your body needs nutrients to get the day started. It’s
    just like a car, it needs gas to start. If you don’t have fuel, unfortunately, you will not go anywhere (I am sure you are aware of that). A balanced meal makes it easier to function and be productive. Little things won’t bother you as much like unnecessary phone calls, slow drivers, or indecisive people. You can avoid being around peers that are unproductive, and you will feel good about accomplishing a task at work, especially a difficult one.  
  2. Exercise: taking a walk, lifting weights, or doing yoga allows us to release toxins in our bodies AND relieve STRESS. It clears your mind all while making your body look and dr-1621297_640feel great! It’s a win-win situation, and no you don’t have to be muscular or become a body builder to look fit. Everyone that works out does not look like they carry a ton of bricks around the house. Take 30-45 minutes to exercise and you will start to feel better. Your body will become tired from a good workout which makes it easier to get adequate rest.  Trust me, your body will thank you!
  3. Sleep: this may sound typical but you need adequate rest. Your body goes through a lot of stress unconsciously, but enough rest prepares you for the next day. Sleep is a part of our well-being and it is crucial to get enough rest at night. Do not think 4-5 hours of sleep is okay. A lot of health issues are related to people who are sleep deprived. If you do not know how many hours of sleep you need, click the link HERE to read.
  4. Plan your day: write down the things you want to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis, allow your mind to see it physically. When you write something down and say it to yourself it becomes real. Write post notes on your desk, start with a small task like picking up things from the store, call a bill collector to schedule a payment, make that phone call to your relative etc. Set REALISTIC goals that can be obtainable in a REASONABLE amount of time.
  5. Do something fun: get together with friends and do something entertaining! Plan a paint night, go shopping or watch a movie. When you put yourself at the end of your to-do list, you are putting your “me time” last. Your “me time” is a priority, it is just as important as work. Treat yourself to something nice on pay day, get your nails done, or plan a mini vacation. It doesn’t have to be lavish just enjoy what the world has to offer. You have to separate work from play and if you don’t make time for yourself, it will also show in your performance. All work and no play is not beneficial in my eyes!pillow-1890942_640

Again, know that stress is inevitable! Learning how to deal with stress is not accomplished overnight. It’s a process and a daily goal you have to work on. The older you get the better you become at handling stress. There are some things you have to shrug your shoulders to especially issues that are not in your control. You have to ask yourself this: is it worth me getting upset about and if it’s not, think of ways to alter your thoughts. Take a moment and evaluate who you are spending your time with, if you hang around people who think negatively and have no motivation in their life, their lifestyle can reflect off of you. Different levels of energy become contagious, that’s why successful people hang with accomplished individuals. You are the company you keep. Having positive thoughts, reading inspirational quotes, and surrounding yourself with people who have good energy helps you in your journey with life especially when you experience stress.

Stress Management

Community Convo: What are some events that caused you stressed? If you were able to conquer it, how did you deal with it? Do you think hanging around a certain crowd has an affect on your life?

Disclaimer *The information provided in this blog is solely my opinion and experience.

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  1. Great article Jamie. It open my eyes to taking a deeper look at stress and the signs. Sometimes we know when we are acting through stress and sometimes we don’t. Thank you for sharing and informing.

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