5 Ways to Avoid Bridezilla Behaviors!

Not every bride is a Bridezilla.

Most brides envision their wedding day prior to planning. They will do their absolute best to make sure their vision comes to life. It’s crucial for everyone to be on board, whether they like the bride’s ideas or not. A bridesmaid may not like the way their dress looks or the MOH (maid of honor) may refuse to wear make-up. This can cause frustration because the bride has a perception she wants to accomplish. But, there’s a way to talk to people and state how you feel without turning into a Bridezilla.

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If you are a Bridezilla or think you have Bridezilla tendencies this is for you. No one wants to deal with a bride who is exhausting to work with. It takes the fun out of coordinating when someone is grumbling about minor things. I want your wedding planning to be a successful one, take a moment and read these 5 simple tips that will help you identify the positive moments of your planning, and get rid of your negative attitude.

1. Positive Attitude: This is evident! If you don’t have a positive attitude don’t expect your bridesmaids to have one. Everyone is not going to deal with your temper tantrums and if they do, expect some distance throughout planning your wedding! There are some things that may not occur, but when your wedding day comes you won’t notice it. Don’t get caught up in the coordinating, that you lose focus on the ultimate reason of this amazing matrimony. Having a positive attitude will get you far, remember to say please and thank you, be polite when you are talking to vendors, and do more listening and less demanding. Do not cut conversations short because something doesn’t go your way. Listen to an explanation before you make a decision, and have patience. Remember, everything will flow together in the end, and if something is supposed to happen…it will.

QUICK QUESTION: If you get upset over every little thing, how can you enjoy the planning process or the wedding?

2. Stay in Control: Passive brides turn into Bridezillas when they are not in control. They get fed up with everything and go off like a ticking time bomb. This is your day, your vision, and the man you are marrying, please keep that in mind. It’s common for people to give you ideas for the wedding, (and that’s okay) but take their advice because YOU want to, not because THEY are telling you to. You will make decisions from the moment you select your wedding date, to the time you leave the venue with your husband. Due to making multiple decisions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that is going on. When this happens, designate 1-3 reliable persons to vent to. Releasing frustration can ease your mind and prepare you for anything else you will encounter. Take a break from planning every now and then, go shopping with friends, and learn how to relax. Every planning detail will not get accomplish in a matter of a month.

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3. Be Assertive: Screaming at people is overrated and it shows immaturity. There are ways to discuss issues in a suitable manner. If things get out of hand and you find yourself having problems with someone in your bridal party, tell them how you feel. Common disagreements happen over bridesmaids dresses, hairstyles, and accessories. If you allow your girls to decide on what they want, have limitations. Let them know if you prefer long or short dresses and how to style their hair (if that’s relevant to you). Be vocal and if you don’t like the way something looks, say something.  You are the chief of your wedding. Whenever you show assertiveness people will respect your decisions and are less likely to walk all over you.

4. Communicate Effectively: Don’t expect others to know what you want. If you have a wedding planner, communicate with them, ask for updates and inform them of changes. Any budget, venues or wedding date adjustments are mandatory to know. If you don’t have a wedding planner you are OBLIGATED to contact vendors and communicate with them. To avoid frustrating moments that may lead to Bridezilla behaviors, have a communication log handy to

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know who you talked to, when, and the details of that conversation. Date every time you talk to someone,
leave messages, and send emails. Keep your bridesmaids up to date on information they need to know, for example, payment dates for their dress and alteration options. If you plan to go out of town for your bachelorette party notify the girls on hotel details, dates, and traveling choices (be prepared to repeat yourself a few times). Organize group chats to answer common questions.

  • For the bridal shower and bachelorette party be consistent in communication. Don’t expect people to know everything about you. Let your MOH know who’s coming to the bridal shower and bachelorette party. If your bridesmaids ask you for your favorite color or a few questions for a bridal shower game, give them the answer without giving them a hard time. Make the best out of everything your bridal party organizes for you, they worked hard to honor you for such a great occasion so appreciate it.

5. Live in the moment: After everything is over you don’t want to wish you lived in the moment. You want to enjoy the moments as it happens. Brides plan to get married one time and even if there is a second time it will be nothing like the first. Have fun and enjoy EVERY MOMENT. If the color of the table napkins comes in salmon and not coral, don’t panic (they are practically the same color) it will be OKAY. If a lot of people don’t show you to the bridal shower or bachelorette party don’t worry…IT WILL BE JUST FINE.

QUICK TIP:  If you don’t get along with your step-brother, or soon to be sister in law, you are not obligated to have them participate in the wedding. The less opinionated people you have in your bridal party, the better. If someone is envious and wishes for the worse to happen on your wedding day (let’s face it they are out there) avoid being around them. There is no need to have negative energy in your circle for such a joyous occasion.
img_1216Remember to breathe, laugh much, and keep your thoughts on the ultimate goal. By following these simple tips you will breeze through your wedding planning and enjoy every moment of it!

~Happy Planning Brides!

Jamie Rockymore

Community Convo: How do you feel about the planning process this far? If you have tips on wedding planning please share below to help brides organize their special day.

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