7 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas your Girls will Love

Brides often get stuck figuring out the perfect bridesmaid gifts. You read about hideous presents, bridesmaids refrain from using, which gets put in the back of their closet and they pray the bride don’t ask them about it later. People like useful gifts. If your bridesmaids don’t sew, avoid purchasing a small sewing kit, or if they don’t drink, renounce from purchasing a bottle opener. Signature Chapsticks and wine glasses are nice to have, but don’t you think your girlfriends deserve a little more?

Bridesmaids all want to feel appreciative at some point during the wedding planning. They are responsible for many things and have to dish out a lot of money for the bride to enjoy her special day. From dresses to purchase to standing next to the bride on her big day, the accountability can lead to arguments, frustration, and sometimes chaos. However, their hard work needs to be recognized. Buying them practical gifts will make them thankful to accompany you on your special day. Here are a few gift ideas thaWebsiteLR-115t will make your bridesmaids feel warm and grateful.

1. Professional Makeup Artist: After purchasing the dress and shoes, makeup is the last thing on a bridesmaid’s budget. The cost of professional makeup can range from $50-$90 dollars each face! This amount could turn bridesmaids off leading them to rely on YouTube tutorials, that may end up a disaster. When you talk to a makeup artist inquire package deals. Depending on a number of girls in your bridal party, there should be a least two professionals who have similar makeup styles, to give you the look you want for you and your ladies. If you have a friend that is a makeup artist or know someone that can put makeup on properly, talk with them about a cheaper rate. If their rate is convenient for your budget, check out their work and book them for the big day. Having a professional makeup artist will allow your photos come out admirable and everyone will have a nice polish look.

2. Shoes: As a gift, brides can pay for their bridesmaid’s shoes. This will help them cut down cost and can use the money on other things that are needed for your wedding. You can purchase them in online, or catch sales at the stores. To do this affordably purchase one or two pairs of shoes at a time. Your bridWebsiteLR-82esmaids will be excited and thankful you helped them stay within their budget.Remember to use promo codes to get the best bang for your buck.

3. Gift Cards: You can put them in a nice gift card box and give them out on your wedding day. Personalize the gift card to where your bridesmaids like to shop. If their favorite store is Macy’s, get them Macy’s gift card. If they like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Wal-Mart, purchase a gift card to those places. They are guaranteed to get used and you will never have to worry about them putting this gift in the back of their closet.  

4. Pay part of their dress or alteration fee: Brides can pay a portion of the cost, or the downpayment to get the dresses ordered. You can contact the store, ask them how much the down payment will be in advance, prior to the ordering deadline. Helping your bridesmaid purchase their dress will make them feel appreciative. Some of your bridesmaids may need alterations of some sort. This is an unwanted expense and can tamper with your bridesmaid’s budget. Alterations can range from $60 on up, whether the dress needs to be taken in, or if material needs to be added. You never know what someone is going through and if there’s a way you can help them save a few bucks, by all means, do so.

5. Personalized Tote: 
This is common, you see a lot of bridesmaids with bags of either their names or initials. You can stuff the bag with cute items like robes, makeup palettes, or personal items they like. They will use the tote after the wedding and it will be a reminder of your special day. Ladies always have things to carry, a nice bag is useful to have in every woman’s closet.

50 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas- by Amy Elliott 

6. Jewelry: Purchasing jewelry for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day is brilliant. It alleviates the hassle of you telling them what to get, especially if you want them to have the same kind. You can shop at Claires or Icing for multiple jewelry sets and give them to your bridesmaids as gifts. They’ll love it and will always have a nice piece of jewelry for an event in the future.
7. Pay for Spa Day, Nails or Hair for the wedding: 
As a bride, we all want that day where we go to the nail shop with our girls, get a mani and pedi, and talk about the upcoming event of our wedding. Sometimes this is ideal, other times some bridesmaids decide to paint their
nails or skip out on the pedicure because of their budget. If there is any way you can pamper your girls, do so. I guarantee they will love it!

Weddings are expensive and time-consuming and that’s the God honest truth! You will spend hours talking and thinking about your wedding.  However, know at some point the day will be here and it will be all over with. The bridesmaids you choose to be a part of your big day are people who are significant to you
(otherwise, you wouldn’t have picked them) know that you are not in this alone and you can vent to them when you are having issues with your wedding planning.

If you have been a bridesmaid before then you have a sense of how to treat your bridesmaids. I was in 4 weddings before I planned my own and I took lessons from each wedding I was a part of. Receiving gifts was one of the main things I took into consideration. Each bride’s wedding I was involved in gave amazing gifts. I remember how that made me feel and knew it took time and energy to invest in the gifts they purchased for us. It’s not always about the financial value of the gift, but about the time you invested in making sure they receive something they like. Again, spacing out the cost of each bridesmaid’s gifts are ideal and helps with the budget.

I hope these helpful tips eases your mind as you continue on with your wedding planning. Remember to take breaks and enjoy the process!

Jamie Rockymore-Bess

Community Covo: What gift ideas do you have for a newly engaged couple?  If there was something else you would give your bridesmaids what would it be? Do you have any horror stories of receiving unwanted gifts? Let’s start a conversation!

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  1. I recently started watching YouTube videos on makeup. Oh my word! The other day, I saw a video that was 15 minutes long, and the makeup artist loaded the video on super fast speed. And the makeup she put on. There was so much of it! I don’t know how she was able to keep going. 15 minutes X however much she sped the video up. She has some endurance and arms that just don’t quit.

    So when you mention YouTube nightmares… I can see it happening. They don’t call themselves artists for nothin’. 🙂

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