7 Major Tips for Wedding Planning

After the venue is booked, and dress is bought, a bride is pretty much done, right? Nah There’s a list of things to consider for your big day, the cake, officiant, event coordinator…the list goes on and on. That’s why there are so many wedding magazines, and blogs to help a bride out. Over the last decade, the Internet has changed the game for weddings. Brides go online for trends and ideas to make their day memorable. No matter if your celebration is going to be elaborate or an intimate gathering, you want to add delicate details for your special day.

 1. Enjoy the engagement: This is the step before saying I Do. Coordinating a wedding is a lot, you don’t want to start pushing your WebsiteLR-110fiancé to the side because you are so focused on details and deadlines. If your wedding date is two or three years in advance, take your time with the process. Too much focus on the wedding can lead to unnecessary stress for you and your groom. Once you are a year within your wedding date, it’s good to start searching for venues and vendors.

2. Ask questions: Planning your own wedding may be new to you. If you are unsure about anything don’t hesitate to ask. Call the photographer, event coordinator, and any other vendor that plays a significant role on your wedding day. Never be afraid to ask questions to someone you are paying. Their job is to explain everything until you understand their process. Take notes, names, dates, and be prompt on all meetings, your time is valuable and theirs is too! Shop around different vendors, attend bridal shows and see what is out there on the market before you make a decision.

  • Pinterest/Esty: These two sites are a bride’s best friend.  Etsy is a website where people sell what they create. It’s incredible, but if you have artsy friends you can ask them to duplicate any items you see on Pinterest.
  • Amazon: Thousands of people shop on  Amazon every day. They have things from wedding calendars to bridal shoes. A lot of times brides don’t know what to expect for centerpieces, floral arrangments, and other decoration costs. Amazon gives you great deals and a great place to start your search.

QUICK TIP: Always look for promo codes because every penny counts!

3. Spread the wealth: Take your time in purchasing decorations, favors, and anything else you want to have for your wedding. It’s less stressful when you have a list of items you want. Plan to get them at certain times of the year before the big day. For example, you can dedicate a month to work on centerpieces or party favors. Next month you can work on invitations and the aisle runner. The following month you can work on purchasing the unity sand, accessories etc. If you plan your months accordingly you should be able to stay on schedule and not worry about having all the things you need.

The 7 Worse Wedding Planning Tips Every Bride Should Avoid –By Jen Glantz

4. Have storage: Designate a convenient place to store your decorations for the wedding. As items get delivered from online or from the store, write on the boxes what they are. If you are having the ceremony and reception at different places, make sure you label each box and the location they are going to. This will eliminate confusion and the hassle of opening up boxes trying to figure out where they go.

5: Don’t forget Flower Girl Basket, Rose Petals, and Ringer Bearer Pillow: Yes, these items are easy to forget. The special little people who are in the wedding play an important role. Sometimes their role is more important than the bride! No seriously! Guest looks forward to watching children come down the aisle and seeing how they will react in front of a crowd, big or small. Some kids take their role earnestly because they’ve been waiting for this day just as long as you. Flower girls love feeling like princesses, and ring bearers love the attention from the crowd! It’s adorable and a true photogenic moment.

6. Be informative: Shoes and special requests for the bridal party should be expressed closer to the wedding date. If you want your bridal party to have certain items, make it known to them. Giving jewelry as a gift is a great way to ensure your girls are wearing what you want them to wear. Bridesmaids like to receive nice endowments and it displays great appreciation when a bride goes out her way to make sure her girls look fabulous.

  • Some engaged couples do personal wedding gifts or letters to each other before the ceremony starts. If this is something you plan to do, purchase it  2 to 4 weeks before the wedding. Try to pick a sentimental gift that your new husband will enjoy. Cologne, cuff links, or a money clip are useful items to think about. If you plan to write a nice letter or get a card, make sure you are in a quiet space to write down your thoughts. Practice what you are going to write before you write your final draft.

Planning a Wedding 101: How to get started -By Elizabeth Clayton 

7. Check out the stores:  Michael’s have good ideas and a lot of sales. They have DIY classes for free, check it out, you might learn something that you can add to your wedding decor. There are some perks with purchasing items in the store as oppose to online. If you want to look at the width or height of something you can do so at  Michael’s. If you need a sample of a display for your centerpieces, you can put them together, and see if it’s something you will like to have at the reception. JoAnne Fabrics also has a wedding section for brides to enjoy. Your creative mind will flow when you walk into the store and see what they have to offer. To receive notifications for great deals in the stores, sign up for Michael’s and JoAnne Fabric’s newsletters. Once you sign up you will receive coupons in the mail, but be sure to use them before the expiration date.

Following these helpful hints will get what you need with less stress. If you have an event coordinator or good friend who is willing to help, let them assist. That’s what they are there for.

Happy Planning Brides,

Jamie Rockymore


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