8 Tips for a Easy Breezy Bridal Shower

IMG_4718Every bride deserves to have a bridal shower! It’s a time when the MOH (maid of honor/matron of honor) and bridesmaids shower the future Mrs. There’s nothing like coming together and celebrating with food, games, and pure fun. To have a successful shower a few things need to take place. It’s significant to have your invitations sent out, party favors purchased, and food. Oh, and what’s a party without games? Coordinating a bridal shower is fun yet hard work. Anyone in the bridal party can participate in making sure things run smoothly, and if everyone works together it will be a successful event. To throw a shower without having everyone in panic mode, designate one person to coordinate the event. That person can assign small projects to everyone. Too many people involve can cause confusion, and too little help will leave one person stressed out. Make sure you have the right amount of people helping and consistent communication.

Brides have it tough trying to plan their wedding. It’s nice to have a bridal shower to give her a chance to sit back and take a break from preparations. To make sure the event goes well, these helpful tips will give you the necessary information to plan a bridal shower.IMG_4859

1. Venue – This is IMPORTANT. Make sure the venue has enough room for people to sit and eat comfortably. Visit different places, talk to the owners, and negotiate on pricing. Be sure to receive information on setup, clean up time, and guest capacity. All venues require deposits, make sure you secure the date and have the deposit ready at that time. Without a venue, there will be no place to host the bridal shower. This is the first discussion the MOH and bridesmaids should talk about when planning.

  • Side note: If you decide to have the shower at someone’s house be sure to talk plans over with whoever’s house you are using. Having bridal showers at someone’s house makes the event intimate and you don’t have to deal with the time constraints and it’s cost effective.

2. Invitations – Send out invitations at a reasonable time at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event. If there are of town guest who wants to come and enjoy the special day with the bride. If you have out of town guest, provide hotel accommodations, and directions.

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3. Food – Provide a nice spread that everyone can enjoy. It can be light, a salad, chicken, pasta, veggies etc. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD! You want your guests to play bridal shower games, and not be stuffed with food causing them to be fatigue.


4. Drinks – If you are planning to have adult drinks make it casual. Bridal showers are classy events. Bottles of wine or champagne will do the trick. You can go a step further and make a punch bowl, but please no shots of hard liquor. Guest do not need to be stumbling out the venue in the middle of the day. Don’t forget non-alcoholic drinks for guest to enjoy.

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5. Games – You can be creative, but games are supposed to be fun. Do something to keep guest busy. Bingo is a good game starter because it will engage everyone’s attention. There’s the ring game, everyone starts off with a ring on their finger if a person says the bride’s name they lose their ring. The person with the most rings at the end of the shower wins a prize. This will engage guests from beginning to end.

6. Prizes – Choose prizes that you will want to take home. Nice glasses, picture frames, or perfume to name a few. Not to mention, everyone loves gift cards! No one wants a gift that will collect dust and not be useful. When you are shopping for bridal shower gifts get something you would want to take home. There’s a lot of nifty items for a reasonable price.


7. Decorations – This is a bridal shower so the decorations need to be about the bride. Never do anything that will make her uncomfortable. The MOH/bridesmaids should know the bride’s interest. After all, she picked you to be apart of her special day! If there is something she admires like princesses, superhero, hello kitty, etc. make the theme about that.

  • Don’t overdo it with the theme decorations, you don’t want the event to be child-like or mistaken as a kid’s birthday party. 

IMG_4860It’s all about her, make sure her day is special! Have a guestbook for people to sign so she can look back and remember everyone who attended. Be creative, make a date night suggestion box or a signed picture frame for the bride to enjoy after the shower is over.

8. Favors – Show your appreciation to the guests. Guests love to take things home and brag about how the event went. A nice keepsake item will remind the guest how much fun they had at the bridal shower.

The bride will appreciate the day. It’s nice to shower the bride with love from both the groom and bride side of the family. It’s nice for the guest to get to know each other and talk about the wedding. Bridal showers are a glimpse of what the wedding day will be like. I experience my bridal shower two weeks ago and I had a great time. I appreciate all the work that was done for me. The MOH’s and bridesmaids surprised me with so many details. I couldn’t help but smile and be thankful. As you can see in the photos! 

To all the MOH’s and bridesmaids…happy bridal shower planning! Don’t stress, remember to have fun, and enjoy making memories.

-Jamie Rockymore

Community Convo: Have you ever been to a bridal shower? How was your experience? What was your favorite part during the shower?


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