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One of the biggest challenges as a blogger is trying to figure out content to
write. I mean there are a lot of topics to discuss, but I don’t want to write just any ol’ thing. I like to write on issues people can relate and learn from, so for me, this can be a challenge. I have been stuck for a few weeks wondering what to compose and what readers would benefit from. I started so many times, deleted so many headers and scratched my head during the process. But I learned how life has a way of throwing wrenches at us especially when we least expect it. Just think about what the country has been through over the last few weeks. People suffer through multiple natural disasters making it easier for them to want to throw in the towel and forget about their dreams let alone surviving. Then it hit me and the topic of this blog came to mind.

We have high expectations for our future. We set short-term and long-term goals. We may go the extra mile and set dates for when we want them accomplished. Typically when we pursue our goals, we set aside time for us to work on them until life stressors come into play. When this happens it’s often we put things off and say I’ll do it tomorrow.

One break can turn into one too many and we find ourselves not accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves. We may experience a bad day from work, an argument with our spouse, or worry about financial issues. This leads to roadblocks, fears, and doubt causing us to forget the reason why we were so ambitious about our goals. How do we avoid that? It’s easy to set goals but it can be difficult to follow through with them.

Goals can be a wide range of things like finishing school, purchasing a car, getting your credit together, buying a house, or following a career you are passionate about. If you hang around people who don’t care about their credit, don’t know what a credit score is, or can’t imagine themselves with good credit then how do you expect to want the same thing? This also goes for buying a home, if you want to purchase a home and don’t know how to do so but every one of your friends has a home, in due time you will get one too. People enjoy helping each other especially when it’s something they’ve done before. Have you ever planned a wedding or prepared for a baby and received so much advice? It’s kinda the same thing when it comes to pursuing your goals.

4 Tips for Setting Poweful Goals 

That’s when we have to stay focus and pay attention to those who are around us. The company we keep can be the very people who stop or encourage us to obtain our goals. Have you ever known millionaires to hang around people who are poor? They don’t because the intellect won’t allow them to. They won’t be able to hold a conversation because of their way of thinking.  The saying: you are the company you keep goes a long way. That is why friendships diminished because the path one person is going the other person won’t be able to understand or follow. Learn these habits: successful entrepreneurs read books more than they watch television. They are open to advise and constantly become a student to whoever they want to receive advice from.

So how do we do this? How do we find people that can relate to our thinking? For starters, read habits millionaires and successful people practice and learn to imitate that. There are many articles online that will tell you habits of successful people. One in which I made accessible on this page. Support groups are also beneficial to get involved in. Social media is powerful when you use it to your advantage. There are many support groups on Facebook that you can join or ask to be a part of. These support groups do just as they say, they offer support. There are many people who will help you and give you advice on whatever you are stuck on. When I wanted to start a website I was lost and confused. I was fortunate enough to have a cousin who advised me on what to do, but later on, during my blogging journey I reached out and learned how to do things to get a better understanding. This can go for anything you want to accomplish in life.

The Eight Habits of Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs

YouTube is phenomenal you can type how-to on YouTube and find ways to accomplish what you are trying to learn. Videos will pop up because people have asked the same question at one point in time. Most people who offer help through YouTube have channels that you can subscribe to or have a link to their website where you can go for additional education. Accomplishing your goals is seriously at your fingertips, you just have to learn how to take advantage of the resources that come your way.

Most importantly we must learn how to pray. Ask God to direct and show you the way you need to go to accomplish your goals. Make sure this is what you want to do and not what someone else wants for you. We could be on the wrong path thinking it’s the direction God wants us to go when it’s not. If that is the case some things will not work out for you. For example, an unhealthy relationship, if God did not put that in your path don’t expect for it to blossom. It’s relevant to be in prayer and absorb yourself in things that will get you to the next level.

Community Convo: What goals have you set out for yourself? How are you going to manage those goals? What are some goals you accomplished over the years? What habits can you share for others to follow? Let start a conversation! 


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