About Me!


My first accident changed my life. I totaled a car I purchase a little over a year, on November 21, 2011, the Monday before Thanksgiving. I was at fault and when I was told that my car was totaled I was at a lost. I just moved into my own apartment 3 months before and a new car was nowhere in my budget. As a young adult, I felt like I screwed up and thought moving from Pittsburgh to Baltimore was a big mistake. I think I took longer to forgive myself than the woman who hit me. Every time I went to sleep the accident replayed in my head. I was dealing with anxiety and the accident played in my head every time I went to sleep. Slowly the anxiety faded away as days turned into weeks.

As a millennial, I am destined to do great things. After graduating from the Clarion University of Pennsylvania with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, my goal was to work on obtaining my masters. However, I started working at a psychiatric facility in Maryland and things changed. I started writing during my senior year in college but I knew telling my advisor about my new discovery was not going to happen. I didn’t want to change majors at the end of my senior year, therefore I promised myself to go back to school and obtain a Masters Degree in Communications, but in the meantime, I gained experience in mental health.

Working in the mental health field is not easy, and it’s not a profession a recent college graduate looks forward to doing every day. I worked with children who were exposed to certain things that I didn’t even know existed. They would come from broken homes or experience a trauma that resulted in behavioral health problems. I had a passion for understanding why people act the way they do, but I didn’t want to do it on the front line. After a while you get tired of being called every name in the book, having toys thrown at you, or restrain someone from acting out. I knew there was something more for me, so I revisit writing novels to escape the reality I was living.

My novels turned into stories that became a cool reality. I wanted more of that, writing, signing books, and knowing someone had a copy of my novel on their bookshelf. It’s a cool experience being an author, but I wanted more. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I want to write on a consistent basis and I didn’t want my talent to be displayed behind characters. I had too much to offer than describing a character that found their husband cheating, or a woman wanting revenge in her marriage. I searched for opportunities to write more, my chances were graced when I wrote for The Baltimore Times, and The Baltimore Post-Examiner.

While writing for the newspaper, I focused on my Master’s in Communication. I wanted to know cropped-cropped-cropped-IMG_1829-1.jpgeverything there was to know about communicating. The classes were helpful and boost my confidence to continue with this blog. I currently write for The Northwest Voice, a local newspaper circular where I get to interview people in the community. During this journey, I became passionate to write for people who have mental health and healthcare issues. As I dig deep into healthcare I noticed mental health is all around us. Sadly, we only hear about it when a disaster happens in the schools, movie theaters, or public areas. It’s time to put an end to the silence of mental health. The more we talk about it in churches, communities, and schools, the better citizens will become comfortable and knowing precautions of someone suffering from mental health issues. We all see the results of someone drinking obsessively, or someone who refuses to take care of themselves, but the bigger question is why? I know I will not get this answer overnight, but my goal is to make a difference and I am going to start with the people who get shut out the most, those dealing with mental health.


Women for Thought is a website woman can come to for resources and links to connect them with a therapist, psychiatrist and other mental health needs. Women for Thought does not work with licensed therapist or psychiatrist, however, our goal is to connect women to resources to better themselves. This website promotes uplift, and encourage women to be their better self. We thank you for stopping by, please read as much as you like, comment, and share resources for other women to be encourage.