Bridal Gown Here I Come

img_4323This is me trying on a wedding gown. Prior to this day, the love of my life asked me to marry him. I was excited and anticipated this day for months. I must say it was a nice experience. However, as a bride, it is difficult to choose the right wedding gown. For some women, it’s not because they have been searching for their wedding dress way before they had a fiance’. For others like myself have no idea what style to pick or what material works in their favor. Bottom line, choosing a wedding gown can be overwhelming and exhausting. No matter what, you want the experience to be a memorable one.  Continue reading “Bridal Gown Here I Come”

Dead End

I wake back up and the pain still there. No one cares how I feel…especially him. He has the audacity to leave my presence and go to another woman. He leaves me with no explanation, not even a sorry? There’s nothing else for me to do but to sit here and cry. The walls in this place seem to get smaller and smaller, to the point where I can’t breathe. I take a look at a picture of my family. My younger brother’s smile stops the tears from flowing just for a minute. I grab the keys and slam the door out of frustration. The wind blows as the tears begins to fall from my face. The heavy wind causes my tears to travel into the air. I’ve been crying since last night, hoping all the pain will go away. Just the thought of him being in another woman’s face is dreadful, he has no idea how much my  heart hurts. I caught him just the other day. I noticed a number in his iPhone that was unfamiliar. I called the number and a female answered the phone. She told me she’s been seeing my boyfriend for the last eight months. Continue reading “Dead End”