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People can do amazing things online, build a business, sell products, or e8v6b3672-minven have a YouTube channel. The options are endless! Twenty years ago having the ability to FaceTime someone on the phone was unheard of. Now it’s one of the means of communicating. I FaceTime my mother a lot when we talk on the phone, it’s nice to not only hear her but, see her while we talk about everything that’s going on our lives.

Now is the time where we need to take advantage of what technology provides. Women all over the world have the ability to become successful business owners. HOW GREAT IS THAT? We no longer have to dream about it, but we can live it. I had the honor to talk to Renee Townsend, she is the owner of Backbone America. She helps people focus on their businesses and deliver guidance on how to become a successful entrepreneur. Her interview provided me with extraordinary advice, I couldn’t help but to share what I’ve learned.

Backbone America started in January 2016.  Renee was a Business Advisor at her previous job but, she had to switch gears after being laid off. She decided to focus on Backbone America full time. Prior to being laid off, she looked for work, unfortunately, she was unable to land a job. Once she was given her layoff noticed she had mixed feelings. She was shocked that the entire department was let go by receiving a two week noticed. She thought they would work until they finished up their projects, and transition their clients to another organization, but the company had other plans. In that same week, Renee registered Backbone America and started working for herself. It was a decision she proudly made. The name Backbone America came about when she was a teen. She was verbal about her opinions and thoughts on small businesses. She believed they were insignificant to society until an adult informed her that small businesses were, the backbone of America. The phrase was stuck in her head over the years. When she decided to create a website about small businesses that title came to mind. Renee has a Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Information Systems. A Master’s degree in Psychology, Certifications in Professional Coaching, Live Plan Expert Advisor, and Certified Profit Master Facilitator.

Renee is passionate about the business industry and loves to help people create their own path to success. Her clients range from men and women of different races, however, her client base has not been Black Americans. Noticing her client base spark an interest. She wanted to narrow her target audience in helping women of her ethnicity. Black women are in disparity when it comes to being a successful business owner. They attend to do worse on average, they are also at the bottom of the charts when it comes to making revenue. It’s time to make a change, and Renee wants to be a part of it. There are a lot of resources that are unknown but beneficial to black women business owners. Renee did research over the summer and found numbers that weren’t engaging, it disappointed her but also made her more passionate about helping black women.

Kauffman Index of Main Street Entrepreneurship  

Some people go into business alone and this can be a vital mistake. Running a business can be mentally and physically draining. There are other organizations in local communities that are willing to give a helping hand. It’s conducive to reach out to other business owners and see who can give relatable advice.  Click here to view results on women businesses.

Lack of planning is popular in unsuccessful businesses. “I find a lot of entrepreneurs hop into business ownership without much thought into how they’re going to accomplish their goals, or even what they’re goals might be for that matter,”.

Helpful Tips: 

Go into a business with a solid strategic plan.

-Know your goals.

-Seek help.

-Have a team.

Backbone of America

Renee has wealth of resources available to small business owners. She stated, “There are many organizations that allow a certain amount of funding and resources to help small businesses. There are certain qualifications requirements but once the funding is available, the goal is to provide funds into the hands of business owners,”. Renee knows the start point for small entrepreneurs and how to dig dee8v6b3635-minp into obtaining funds for their businesses. Renee also has expertise in business coaching, financial planning, and other key components to help business owners progress to success. She works with entrepreneurs to pinpoint the issues that hold them back from growing as a business. She identifies roadblocks and comes up with solutions that are focused on a company’s strengths and values. She is a team player when it comes to working with her clients.

As an entrepreneur, Renee stated, “Not everything works out as planned and that’s okay. I learned from setbacks and moved forward with revamped plans. It’s similar to my number one rule when skating. When you fall down, get back up again… IMMEDIATELY. It may have hurt going down, but staying down is going to get you nothing but crushed by an out of control skater,”.

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