4 Tips to Balance Marriage and Friendships

It’s typical for newlyweds to disappear off the face of the earth. Don’t be alarm we all do it. While we enjoy the new thrill of our lives, some of our relatives and friends find it strenuous to reach us. Others will respect your space and assume you will reach out to them once things get in order. There are a lot of challengeWebsiteLR-109s married couples encounter within the first year of marriage. They are learning how to work together and figure out what strategies works best for them. They are combining two different styles of upbringing all while creating a foundation together. Can you imagine how complicated that is? Soon enough they’ll come back around and friendships will continue to be built. In addition to the marriage journey, children are born and new chapters are created. Finding time for friends and family becomes another level of complication through this adventure we call life.  Continue reading “4 Tips to Balance Marriage and Friendships”