4 Ways to Enjoy your Wedding Day!

Weddings are emotional. There’s a lot that can go wrong, but it’s all in how you handle it. The event will go by fast, but it will be a great day of 14064086_10206582696437057_6882821700809654234_nlove and happiness. Everyone will be ready to take pictures and record you walking down the aisle. Others will get on the video camera and send out well wishes. It’s a day that you’ve been waiting for, so don’t be timid to have fun and enjoy your moment. You hear horror stories about brides arriving two hours late, or the caterer running out of food at the reception. Can you imagine what a guest would say if they didn’t get to taste the crab cakes everyone was talking about?

There was a time when I went to a wedding and the bride couldn’t find her cake, she was looking all over the place finally, they found it the kitchen instead of being on the cake table. Another time I went to a wedding and no one was where they needed to be. The event started late and the couple had to rush to the reception because the ceremony didn’t start on time. The one wedding that was the kicker for me was when the caterer ran out of food. I thought that only happened on TV shows but it actually happened to me! The caterer was struggling to find food as well as a fork for me to use. It was embarrassing for the caterer, however, each bride didn’t show her frustration. They danced the night away and enjoyed every moment of their wedding.

Weddings are busy events, (typically 6-12 hours) you will be on your feet smiling and talking to guests. You probably won’t know what time it is and everything will go by so fast. One minute you are getting ready to say I Do and the next minute you are lying in bed with your new husband. Thankfully there will be photos and videos to look at while you are on your honeymoon. Sadly, not everyone knows how to live in the moment and enjoy your day. If you are one of those brides who have to be involved in everything take a moment to read these helpful tips. If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor and your bride is causing a more harm than good, forward this blog to her and hopefully, she will get the hint Continue reading “4 Ways to Enjoy your Wedding Day!”

7 Major Tips for Wedding Planning

After the venue is booked, and dress is bought, a bride is pretty much done, right? Nah There’s a list of things to consider for your big day, the cake, officiant, event coordinator…the list goes on and on. That’s why there are so many wedding magazines, and blogs to help a bride out. Over the last decade, the Internet has changed the game for weddings. Brides go online for trends and ideas to make their day memorable. No matter if your celebration is going to be elaborate or an intimate gathering, you want to add delicate details for your special day.

 1. Enjoy the engagement: This is the step before saying I Do. Coordinating a wedding is a lot, you don’t want to start pushing your WebsiteLR-110fiancé to the side because you are so focused on details and deadlines. If your wedding date is two or three years in advance, take your time with the process. Too much focus on the wedding can lead to unnecessary stress for you and your groom. Once you are a year within your wedding date, it’s good to start searching for venues and vendors.

2. Ask questions: Planning your own wedding may be new to you. If you are unsure about anything don’t hesitate to ask. Call the photographer, event coordinator, and any other vendor that plays a significant role on your wedding day. Never be afraid to ask questions to someone you are paying. Their job is to explain everything until you understand their process. Take notes, names, dates, and be prompt on all meetings, your time is valuable and theirs is too! Shop around different vendors, attend bridal shows and see what is out there on the market before you make a decision. Continue reading “7 Major Tips for Wedding Planning”

Signed…Sealed…Delivered! Important info on sending Wedding Invites

Receiving an invitation to a wedding is an honor that people should take seriously. We all know that one person who’s not going to RSVP and still show up to the event or vice versa. This is one reason why sending wedding invitations are exhausting!

There are many ways to make your invites festive, but that’s only the beginning of FullSizeRender-1the process. In addition to wedding invitations, couples send Save the Dates because it gives confirmation that you are getting married. Save the Dates should be mailed six to eight months before the wedding date. This will eliminate phone calls from guest like. “Are you getting married next year,” or “Did you guys set a wedding date yet?” Save the Dates is fun and some of the popular ways to send them are in magnet form, postcards, e-vites, etc. Use engagement photos for Save the Dates, this adds a personal touch your guest will enjoy, and it puts your engagement photos to good use.

  • GOOD TO KNOW: go to Shutterfly or Mpix to turn your engagement photos to nice keepsake items.

5 Ways to Avoid Bridezilla Behaviors!

Not every bride is a Bridezilla.

Most brides envision their wedding day prior to planning. They will do their absolute best to make sure their vision comes to life. It’s crucial for everyone to be on board, whether they like the bride’s ideas or not. A bridesmaid may not like the way their dress looks or the MOH (maid of honor) may refuse to wear make-up. This can cause frustration because the bride has a perception she wants to accomplish. But, there’s a way to talk to people and state how you feel without turning into a Bridezilla. Continue reading “5 Ways to Avoid Bridezilla Behaviors!”

8 Tips for a Easy Breezy Bridal Shower

IMG_4718Every bride deserves to have a bridal shower! It’s a time when the MOH (maid of honor/matron of honor) and bridesmaids shower the future Mrs. There’s nothing like coming together and celebrating with food, games, and pure fun. To have a successful shower a few things need to take place. It’s significant to have your invitations sent out, party favors purchased, and food. Oh, and what’s a party without games? Coordinating a bridal shower is fun yet hard work. Anyone in the bridal party can participate in making sure things run smoothly, and if everyone works together it will be a successful event. To throw a shower without having everyone in panic mode, designate one person to coordinate the event. That person can assign small projects to everyone. Too many people involve can cause confusion, and too little help will leave one person stressed out. Make sure you have the right amount of people helping and consistent communication.
Continue reading “8 Tips for a Easy Breezy Bridal Shower”