Dead End

I wake back up and the pain still there. No one cares how I feel…especially him. He has the audacity to leave my presence and go to another woman. He leaves me with no explanation, not even a sorry? There’s nothing else for me to do but to sit here and cry. The walls in this place seem to get smaller and smaller, to the point where I can’t breathe. I take a look at a picture of my family. My younger brother’s smile stops the tears from flowing just for a minute. I grab the keys and slam the door out of frustration. The wind blows as the tears begins to fall from my face. The heavy wind causes my tears to travel into the air. I’ve been crying since last night, hoping all the pain will go away. Just the thought of him being in another woman’s face is dreadful, he has no idea how much my  heart hurts. I caught him just the other day. I noticed a number in his iPhone that was unfamiliar. I called the number and a female answered the phone. She told me she’s been seeing my boyfriend for the last eight months.

At first, I didn’t believe her but she was saying too many things that were too good to be a lie. She was able to tell me his birthday, favorite food, favorite sport and even his favorite drink! Things only his girlfriend would know. She was also able to tell me about his insecurities. Hell, she knew him more than I did! The more she talked, the more she made sense. All the times she told me they were together were the times he told me he worked late or was “out with the boys”. The music is blasting as I drive toward the highway. The thought of them making love crosses my mind, my foot presses heavy on the gas pedal. I speed through I-695 knowing exactly where I want to go. I want the pain to stop! Another thought of them gave me a visual of her pleasing him. I press harder on the pedal…Iswerve as I almost hit an elderly lady who is actually driving the speed limit – 55 miles an hour. I remember the sound of her voice, like she was happy or something. I can tell she anticipated the day I found out about them. She was able to tell me about my likes and dislikes, where we both met and how long we were together. She enjoyed being his sideline hoe, I heard it in her voice! She enjoyed telling me about the two of them like we were best friends or something.That slut was crazy! I’m so upset because she had the nerve to act as if she was mad her damnself!

I press heavy on the pedal again. The police see me speeding and follow me. He turns the lights on warning me to stop. I don’t listen. I have somewhere to go and I have to make it whether he wants to follow me or not…I don’t care. Maybe it’s best he’s with me once I reach my destination. She was dumb enough to tell me where she lives. 119 Wabash Street to be exact, I kept that in my head as soon as the words rolled off her tongue. She wants me to catch my boyfriend in the act, I just know it! She wants to see the hurt in my eyes. Some females really don’t care. It’s a shame how we hurt one another just for some dick. I want to kick him in his face over and over again until I feel like stopping. I don’t care what he looks like afterward. I just know I want him to feel this pain. There is only one way to do it. It’s getting late. I know he’s there because he should havebeen home hours ago.I continue to speed. I am going 95 miles per hour now. I look in the rearview mirror and there’s that same police man, but he now has his buddies for back up. That’s good because he’sgonna need it! There are at least three cop cars warning me to stop. This is gonna be one hell of a speeding ticket. I say to myself. My mind is racing as I think about him kissing all over her, just like he does with me.

I press the pedal harder going an even 100 miles per hour. The thought of them making love comes into my mind one more time. Just imagining his penis inserting into her vagina drives me up the wall. Tears come pouring down my face as the visuals explode inside my head.“Pull over now!” The cop says.“But I can’t pull over I am too close to my destination!” I yell. He just doesn’t understand what I am going through right now!I reach the beginning of the bridge, my boyfriend and his side hoe are on the other side,but I have other plans.I immediately drive the car off the bridge. I close my eyes as the car goes airborne. It crashes into the river and I never come back up to gasp for air. I’ll never know the cost of that speeding ticket. I hope that slut enjoys the hell outta him!

2 thoughts on “Dead End”

  1. Jame..good story! I felt the tension building as you approached the climax of the story. Didn’t expect the ending. Good job girl!

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