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Dia Darling is a San Antonio, Texas gal. She started working as a ghost blogger and enjoyed putting her communications skills to work. While working on her passion she realized her talent craved for more. She knew she had a lot to bring to the internet world, and soon enough All Things I Do was created. It takes courage and boldness to step out and pursue goals in life. Dia did just that, I recently followed her 5-day email challenge titled Mapping your Side Hustle which allows you to focus on your goals and dreams She is an extraordinary person to follow and her blog speaks volumes to her readers. Take a moment and read below

What inspired you to become a blogger?
D.D: Actually, it was my ex. I have been writing for as long as I remember and when we started seeing each other, I mentioned that I was a writer. The truth was, I was ghostwriting real estate blogs as my super republican 60 something white male boss. My ex-encouraged me to start writing and then I decided a blog was the way to go. I started blogs in the past on blogger.com, but I really wanted to go all in and make a commitment, so I started doing the research.

You started All Things I DO in 2015, what goals did you want to accomplish?
D.D: At that point, I had no idea that my blog would turn into what it has. I just wanted a place to tell me stories and hopefully, entertain others and maybe help someone feel less alone in this exhausting world.

How did you come up with the title for your blog?
D.D: I wish I could tell you. As I am answering these questions, it marks two years since I was going through the process of finding a blog name. I remember thinking of random combinations of words and checking to see if they had been taken. I don’t remember the “This is it moment.” But I will give two pieces of advice, if you find a name you like just buy it, it is worth the $12. Also, get the ID protection or your email will be blown up with people offering you stuff you don’t want.

Creating a Business Plan for Blogs and Online Businesses – Dia Darling

What are some common strategies bloggers can use to get their blog noticed?
D.D: The truth is there will always be 100 people doing what you are doing,  the best strategy is to ignore the competition and try not to even think of them like that. You need to be yourself, get out there and believe in yourself. Staying consistent and making yourself known is the best thing you can do.

Photo credit Rene Hernandez

Out of all topics of blogs, what inspired you to want to help people?
D.D: It wasn’t like a conscious decision. As I worked on the site, it happened over time. I just wanted to let people know you aren’t alone and that we all have fears and doubts. I’ve dealt with panic attacks, anxiety and depression in one way or another my entire life. I want other people to know that while all that stuff is hard to face. We all deserve a full, happy and balanced life.

What are the benefits to being a ghost blogger?
D.D: I don’t really think there is a benefit. I hated it. I think one of the best compliments I get on my writing is how well I make my personality come through, but with ghostwriting you lose that. If I had to find something to say, it helps you take yourself out of it and think from another person’s point of view, which is a good skill to have when copywriting. I do that for clients where it’s less of a first person style of writing, and much more technical, or for landing pages and sales pages but for blog posts, it feels empty to me.

What are ways people can make money as a blogger?
D.D: I think this most satisfying way is to write for other sites than your own. Yes, you can do ads or sponsored posts, I do both but with guest posts, you get to introduce yourself to another audience (normally larger), and you normally retain control of the narrative. Also affiliates! Only do it for things you use and believe in and then make that money! You’re probably singing the praises of it all the time anyway.

What social platforms would you suggest to a new blogger?
D.D: It really depends on where your audience hangs out. Before I started blogging I was already on multiple platforms because of my job, but you need to decide who your audience is and where they are. Also where you can shine. If you can write witty, then you might shine on Twitter. If you take amazing photos or make graphics that can intrigue followers then get your butt on Pinterest and Instagram. I actually wrote a guest post about it a while back. You can check it out here:

How To Pick The Right Social Media Platform For Your Brand -By Brittany Lynn.

How do you get ads on your website?
I use Google Ads. I don’t really do any other ads than that. I offer sponsored posts. With most of the money making activities on my blog I just stayed consistent and shared my content like crazy and I think all of my sponsored posts have reached out to me or been through influencer networks like Clever Girls. I will say one great way to get sponsored posts is to write about the products, services and things you love. Brands take notice of that. Trust me I am on the other side of it in my daytime job; I’m looking for bloggers that have written about my client’s competitors, or who just mention things that might relate to them. I’ve gotten a lot of emails of people saying, “Hey, I saw you mentioned this tool on your reference page. Do you want to try our tools and mention it on the blog if you enjoy it?” Then you hit them with that pricing sheet. LOL

What are your recommendations on web hosting, domain names, and websites to blog on?
D.D: I have been with Siteground the past two years and I love it! I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve been on support chat with them getting above and beyond service when I thought I had broken my website forever. It was also a huge help that I can do everything through them. I can purchase new domains and protect them in one safe place.

What are common mistakes you see bloggers make?
D.D: Trying to do too much too soon and trying to do what you see other people doing. You don’t know what other people do in their free time or when they are alone; you don’t know how many hands they have on the deck or what they are educated in. Online most of the time you only see the result not, the whole story, so you need to remember that you have to do what works for your blog, business, and life. Little by little becomes a lot and everything will come to you at the right time.

What are your most proud moments?
D.D: In life, getting my college degree, no one can take the education and experiences away from me. As a blogger I can’t even pick just one, I think my first post on HelloGiggles when Zooey Deschanel shared it from her Facebook account or perhaps getting published in the magazine The Letter, which will be in available for hardcopy this month (March). So I’m really looking forward to holding that in my hands.

What have you learned from your blog journey?

Dia Darling
Photo credit Rene Hernandez

D.D: I’ve learned a lot about myself. In my past, I’ve been independent almost to a fault. Blogging has actually taught me it’s okay to ask for help. I also have learned more about myself, and it’s driven me to write about particular topics. Another lesson is everyone has a bit of a mask to protect, and no matter what you see on the outside you don’t know the inside struggle, so no matter how weak and alone you feel you aren’t. The biggest lesson probably isn’t a super direct result, but from trying to learn as much as I can, I’ve come across some amazing teachers who have taught me more about believing in your inner power and the power of asking the universe for what you want. -Dia Darling

Overall I learned that whatever you put your mind to you can do it. Dia is showing that in her blog, business plan, and services. She likes to help people and it was a pleasure understanding her world. Please take a moment and visit her social media platforms, sign up for her newsletters and learn how you can set goals and attain them at All Things I Do


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