How to Avoid Dull Dates

Dating is fun! It allows you to get to know someone better. Potentially, if all goes well the date turns into multiple dates, which turns into a relationship. Some people casual date and others take it seriously. There’s always a movie to catch or a local restaurant to try out. However, the novelty of dating wears off after you get tired of paying money to sit and watch a big television screen. After so many dates, you’ll run out of places to eat because you’ve been to them all, and now when its time to figure out what to do on a Friday night, you scratch your head and get annoyed at the limited options you can think of.  So what happens now?

Just know you are not alone. Every couple goes through this, but how do you avoid it? Sure there are times when you will rather stay in and watch a Netflix movie, or find something to watch on On Demand, but I’m sure couples want to do something different occasionally. You don’t want to nag the person you are going out with but after a while you have to admit, dating can get dull. I’ve experienced it with my husband on multiple occasions. Time is of the essence when dating. It should be a time for fun, laughter, and enjoyment of each other’s company. At least that’s what I continue to tell myself! 

My husband and I went out on a limb for our date. We drove to  Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, Maryland. He picked the location and told me to take a day off of work and prepare to do something different. I had no idea where we were going which made things interesting. We did a nature walk around the monstrous trees and tiny chipmunks. We admired a waterfall which was not only nice but soothing. We were able to get away from our busy schedules, talk about life, and most importantly enjoy each other’s company.

So how do you avoid the dullness? Great question. Here are some ideas on what to do to prohibit average dates.

Do something spontaneous: When we think outside the box, it makes dating fun. You can decide to do something you both haven’t done before. Think of something you always wanted try out but never had the courage to do. What better person to do that with than the person you’ve dated for an extended period of time?

Check out Groupon or Living Social: These two websites are safe havens for a lot of people. On Groupon there is a section that displays things to do, this will give you ideas on what to do in the area. Living Social has a section that displays events and activities, click on the link and see what is going on nearby. This opens interest with different ventures. You’ll be surprised with the variety of activities that are available with affordable rates!

Take a short road trip: Experience what your state has to offer! There’s a lot of places that has bed and breakfast, white water rafting, cool lakes, and small beaches for your enjoyment. If you don’t live in an area where these options are available lookup tourist attractions for your state online. Take a tour around the city, for some strange reason, tour guides have a way of showing you the city in a different yet educational way.

Indulge at a museum: Education is attractive, and what better way to learn than to learn together? Going to a museum as an adult is not like it was img_0076when you were on a school field trip. There are no teachers telling you what exhibits to go to, and you don’t have to rush back to the school bus for lunch. You can take your time, appreciate the history and learn a few things while you are at it. This will lead to a lot of discussions, and you’ll learn about your date’s point of view as you tour around the museum.

Couples dating: Having other couples accompanying you your companion is fun. It opens the option for group ideas like bowling, miniature golf, or go-cart racing. Sometimes as adults we want to different activities to bring the inner child out of us.

These five ideas can lead to a ton of fun. It’s nice to step out of your comfort zone every one in a while and see what’s out there. As adults, we worry about bills and other everyday life issues that it easy to forget what fun is. Also as a couple, you can get used to schedules that you forget to date. When we get comfortable in our routine we don’t realize the lack of attention we are displaying.

Date Ideas: 30 Awesome Date Suggestions Under $30 – Maggie Puniewska 

So with that being said, plan a date and do something. It doesn’t have to be costly and if you have children schedule a babysitter, or you can take off from work while they are in daycare/school and plan a lunch date. Get back into dating each other and see if the relationship has the potential to blossom. There are going to be some bad days, and some dates might not turn out appealing trust me I’ve been advised but look on the bright side, there is always room for improvement.

Jamie Rockymore-Bess

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  1. I love water views, so anything by the water is always an ideal date for me. Outdoor dining by the water, Oceanside picnics, or even just taking a walk down by the inner harbor is very relaxing and romantic to me. ?

  2. Though this isn’t for every guy, I love clothes shopping (for me, that is). It’s an opportunity to see what styles a guy likes on women, even if it’s not my style. It’s fun to play dress up and do modeling. It’s always exciting when he finds something for me that we both like.

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