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Natural hair is on the rise…get ready world!

IMG_2846I have been natural for YEARS, but I typically repeat the same hairstyles. I view YouTube videos and blogs all the time, but there was something unique about Kinky Curly Coily Me, a website that provided information on products, hair care, how to styles, the whole nine yards! This website was a one stop shop for all of my questions about natural hair. I was honored when the creator of this site, agreed to answer a few questions about her transition from relaxed to natural hair. She has an authentic relationship with her viewers, she tells it like it is, and after one video you WILL learn a thing or two about hair care.

Kinky Curly Coily Me

To my surprise, Jenell B Stewart is a brand. Her Kinky Curly Coily Me website is just one of her many projects. This woman is slaying the Internet with her Youtube channel, blog, her daughter’s online boutique, and her new podcast she started in 2016. Later this year, she plans to launch a webinar about building an online presence. I follow her podcast on iTunes, (also available on Sound Cloud), her podcast talks about weight loss, marriage, entrepreneurship, and just about anything her listeners ask. She makes herself available to her audience allowing some of the questions to be the topic of her podcast. I thought this was great because she interacts with her audience, which makes her podcast personable for anyone who is listening. I have binged listen to the podcast this weekend while at the gym and doing my hair. I told a few people about the valuable information she puts out there for her viewers. Her goal is to inspire women to better themselves, and I must say she is on the right path!

Jenell tracked her journey of going natural after doing the Big Chop on March 26, 2010. She blogged about her experience because she did not want any FullSizeRender 31other woman to feel alone once they decided to do the Big Chop, or transition into going natural. Shortly after posting her blog, Jenell obtained a following, and 7 years later she empowered women to embrace their curly coils. Her natural hair website is an online magazine, a hub where women express their natural journey.

Jenell was featured on websites and magazines like Essence, Black, and to name a few. In 2012 her online magazine website, won “Favorite Website” of the Natural Hair Community. Jenell is an inspiration for women of color and continues to create astonishing content for readers all over the world. It is a must for me to have Jenell B Stewart as my April’s Inspirational Woman of the Month!

How did you come up with the name Kinky Curly Coil Me? was my saving grace. I started it back in 2010 right after I cut off all my relaxed hair and made the decision to grow my hair natural. is my story, our story of the natural hair experience for the woman of color trying to figure out how to live her new life and love herself in the process.

What made you cut your hair in 2010?
I cut my hair after being inspired by my cousin. She introduced me to YT videos and I was exposed to a community of women learning how to care and style their natural hair. This empowered me to begin my own journey.

How was the adjustment after the big chop? Were there any styles you preferred over others?
Right after I big chopped I was very surprised with my natural texture. I envisioned having soft bouncy curly hair and when that wasn’t the case I struggled with accepting my hair texture. I found myself buying every product that promised curl definition for about two years. Nothing worked.

 Jenell B Stewart

What are your favorite products to use for your hair?
I’ve had the opportunity to use hundreds of products so I have so many favorites. My favorite natural hair brands are Shea Moisture, Eden Body Works, and Carols Daughter, but I have lots of favorites from other brands too! To see all the products I use, visit my YouTube channel here!  

Going natural has taken over throughout the years, how can a young lady find her curl pattern?
Most women of color fall within the Type 3 or Type 4 curl pattern. I have several articles on where I discuss curl pattern and how you can figure this out for yourself.

What were your most difficult moments during your journey?
Learning how to love my curl texture was by far the most difficult thing I’ve had to deal with.

If you could go back and talk to your younger self when you first started creating this website, what would you say?
I would tell myself to discuss more openly the personal issues I had as I learned to accept my curl texture.

Jenell’s YouTube channel is a place where she goes into details about hair care. She has various titles: How to Moisturize Dry Hair for Good, How to Stretch Natural Hair with No Heat, & How Long Does it Take to go Inhale-Confidence-Exhale-Doubt-Mug.jpg-300x300Natural? Her videos are straight to the point and for all my natural sisters she will get you going in the right direction! On her website, you will find her lifestyle blog, and products that she sells. Her merchandises are quaint and a good reminder of building confidence which is:

Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt

It was an honor learning a few things about hair care! I had fun writing up this interview. I hope you were inspired! Please take a moment to check out Jenell’s website, she has so much to offer.

Community Convo: Are you natural, if so what are your favorite products? Do you have any natural hair techniques or everyday hair style? How long have you been natural? What advice can you give readers about your experience? I am still learning about natural hair and I would love to hear from you!

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