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Traumatic events happen throughout life. Some people know how to tackle trauma yet others do not. Despite life’s journey, we experienced difficulties in order to grow. In life, we are supposed to mature, experience lessons and share them with other people. Some people are born knowing they want to be a doctor, others find purpose once they complete college or adulthood, while others may find their purpose during traumatic occurrences.

It’s an honor to talk to someone whose purpose is to help people who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. Woman for Thought is a website where we encourage women to be their best selves. Here we have Jennifer Klotz who is a Life Coach and has a website to help others Life After Recovery.

How long have you been a Life Coach?
I have been a Recovery and Life Coach for a year and a half.

What made you get into Life Coaching?
I discovered that my purpose and passion is to help others who are struggling with recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. When I was 2 years into recovery and still unemployed, I discovered my purpose. In recovery, I have become awakened to my inner self, my true self. I am on the True Road to True Recovery. I want to help others achieve True Recovery.

What are some of the things you as a Life Coach can do for someone who is suffering from addiction?
I will help you:
♥ Develop a Wellness Plan
♥ Place the guilt, shame, blame, embarrassment behind you
♥ Move forward to become self-confident, internally motivated, and hopeful
♥ Build meaningful relationships with your family, children, spouse, friends
♥ Set goals to continue True Recovery
♥ To live with self-respect, high self-esteem, and confidence to experience Life After Recovery
How did you come up with the name Life after Recovery?
Abstinence is not enough to find True Recovery. Alcohol and drugs are symptoms of addiction. In True Recovery, you will move beyond the darkness of the past and into the light of today. In True Recovery, you find the trauma that is in the inner self and heal that. Until that trauma has been healed/resolved, an individual is only abstinent.
Why did you choose to target people who recover from addiction?
I chose the path of Recovery Coaching from alcohol and drug addiction because I am a person in recovery from alcohol.

What are some success stories you experience as a Life Coach?
To me, a success is working with an individual to stay on their path to long-term recovery. I work with each individual to create a Wellness/Recovery Plan. This Plan encompasses the entire person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have worked with women where together, we have been able to create a full PLAN and then implement. The PLAN is not just for recovery but for everyday life. I have been able to observe women who have accomplished implementing the PLAN. These are not only my successes but also the success of each woman.

Life After Recovery – Jennifer Klotz 

What have you learned through Life Coaching?
Through Recovery and Life Coaching, I, of course, have learned how to be a better coach. I have discovered that Recovery Coaching is my passion. Through coaching, I have also learned more about myself. The more I learn about myself the more capable I am to help others in recovery. I have worked through a process of Self-Love. This process has allowed me to see deep down inside of me to my core trauma that caused me to begin drinking. Through Self-Love I have been able to release myself- judgments, accept my past and forgive myself.

What flaws have you observed over the years as a Life Coach?
Everyone has flaws. My biggest flaw is caring. I truly care about the women in my program and want them to succeed with their path to recovery. When a relapse occurs, yes it is part of recovery, but it is not where I want them to be. Recovery is individual and I pray that the individual finds their way back to the path of Recovery.

How do you navigate life coaching with your family and everyday life?
Recovery is part of my daily life. I apply Recovery Practices daily in order to continue on my road of Recovery. I focus on my path and not the path of others when I am not working with an individual.

How effective have you been in someone’s life that you coached?
I have observed women who are implanting their Recovery Plan in their daily lives. I have observed women grow emotionally and spiritually. I have observed individuals repair relationships with their families and see the joy of both the family member and the recoveree. Individuals I have worked with have been able to obtain meaningful employment and then be able to live independently. These are wins for everyone, including society.

Recovery works if each individual is given the opportunity and the resources –Jennifer Klotz

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Community Convo: What are some things you struggle with? It doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol, it can be anything like a shoe addiction, workaholic, gambling etc. Let us know how the addiction started. Let’s start a conversation, you never know who you can help!

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