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There are so many women making power movess in their career. I am thankful to have a platform where I can interview and talk about their services. It is always an honor to meet a woman who is business minded and accomplished quite a few goals during her career move. I had a chance to chat with Myra Dorsey about her firm MD HR Consulting as well as her book Benefit of the Doubt and her massage business LaBodi Massage. This is a woman is a jack of many trades. What I like about Myra is that she shows the ability to conquer her goals and she continues to strive to be better. Many people believe they
have to stick to one thing and master it. If there are other business ventures you want to get involved in then do it. Myra is the perfect example of living out her dreams. Take a moment and read this extraordinary interview about her many accomplishments. I guarantee you will be inspired!

How did you get into the consulting business?

MD: After working in corporate for over 15 years, I knew I had to work for myself because “reporting” to the man and not getting the proper recognition was no longer an option for me. That is when I decided to remove myself from corporate. Ironically, I didn’t go right into HR Consulting. I went to massage school and became a therapist and literally morphed that into a thriving a business. I have over 40 therapists on my team throughout the DMV area. I grew that business first and with my HR background, it made it easier for me to knock down some barriers that my competitors were not able to.

Carefirst is one of my largest corporate clients and that business is now taking a life of its own. It was not until 2 years after the massage business flourished that I realized I missed the HR aspect of my life and started to do freelance in consulting during my downtime from massage therapy. The small companies that I was doing small projects for really appreciated and liked my work so they demanded more of my time. Therefore, my freelancing became full-blown consulting where I now have others on my team helping me on current and future projects.

What inspired you to work in HR? Was this your desire passion?

MD: It was either going to be HR or law because I had the gift of gab. I could negotiate my way out of a paper bag as early as middle school. Everyone including my teachers would always say I needed to do one or the other and decided to take the “easy” route and do HR to minimize the years of schooling and to cut down on expenses. Ironically, the specialty I did in the HR community for a huge portion of my career was employment law so I often times felt like I was an attorney without the degree. I would clearly say this was a passion of mine because my personality is suited for it.

What issues have you faced starting your own company?

MD: So many issues. 1) Funding and not having the capital to really promote and advertise the way I needed to in order to get the name/product out there. 2) Not having the credibility that the big firms have because I was/and still am a startup. 3) Other companies experiencing financial limitations and not being able to use my firm so finding business is a huge issue in that regard. 4) Everyone is trying to get into the same market of entrepreneurship and do the same thing and offer same services so it’s very competitive.

Who is your biggest influencer?

MD: Father Failure! I have had so many doors slammed in my face and so many “opportunities” that turned sour for various reasons that it makes me work harder. I strive for better and prove to myself that I’m meant to be extraordinary vs ordinary in this pursuit of love, life, and happiness. Which at the core is being in control of your career and not letting your career control you. There really is no “person” per say that I look to for influence that comes to mind. It’s more of what I mentioned above.

I understand you have a wellness practice with over 40-licensed massage therapist, how did you get involved with that, was it coincidental or intentional?

MD: Very coincidental. I needed to take a break from corporate because I was experiencing a burnout. I was actually getting massages once a week for about 6 years prior to me leaving corporate. I didn’t realize at the time, this was all Devine design and setting me up for a career change. I thought I was just going to go to school and work at a spa and finally engage in a career where people ran toward me and not away from me. I just wanted something mindless to do for a while because I went back into HR but just being in the right places at the right time and having my HR background allowed me to very quickly expand into a massage practice that is actually growing each year.

As a motivational speaker, author, and business owner how do you separate the three establishments?

MD: I am a very organized individual who is type A to the core! I multi-task extremely well and I have my lists that I use at the start of each day that I cross off each item as I complete them. I will admit that on occasion, things get extremely overwhelming and I really just want to scream and hide on an island where no one can find me. However, about 80 percent of the time, things are very manageable and smooth sailing regarding how I juggle the different aspects of my life from a career perspective.

If there was anything you could improve within any of the companies you have what would it be?

MD: Better exposure and marketing for my Human Resources company. (I actually just put plans in place today to try to achieve that goal within the next 6 months)
Better PR representation for my book and speaker series and stage play.
“Good help is hard to find!” We all know that is the overall saying/theme and I have kissed a lot of frogs in hopes to find my prince (i.e. the right fit for me in a PR team that can do what they say, say what they mean and not take all of the money with zero results).
My massage company, I would love for it to continually grow and I am now offering specialized classes in addition to just massage. I am prayerful that with this
new service we are offering, it will take the company to new levels which will improve overall gross profits/ bottom line and happier team members.

How do you manage time between your business and family?

MD: Very easily. Family comes first no questions asked! I make my own schedule, work from home 70 percent of the time and schedule my work around my family time. It truly helps to have a team of people from the massage and HR business who can pitch in and do the work if I am not around to do it myself. This has never been an issue for me and I refuse to let it become an issue. What is the point in having prosperity in a career if you don’t have time to enjoy the fruits

of your labor with the people you love?

There are a lot of women who dream to have their own business but do not know where to start. What would you say to people who struggle with getting their foot in the door?

MD: I always say the first step is to get your ideas n paper. It becomes tangible once the thoughts get out of your head and onto a piece of paper. That is the first baby step believes it or not, most people fall short. Once you get your thoughts on paper, there are a variety of resources out there to help guide you from consultations to business planning to workshops, etc., that will help you in each step of the way to get you started. I always say, know what the end goal is going to be (the big picture) but focus on doing things in phases and it won’t seem that intimidating in the process if you do it in chunks.

What have you learned about yourself over the years through your accomplishments and challenges?

MD: I have learned that I am a lot more persistent and driven than I ever
imagined I could be. I learned that challenges are my green light to press harder and never take no for an answer. I also realized that setbacks are stepping stones for setups for greater things. I didn’t use to feel that way years ago until I look at the things I have accomplished but in order for me to get there, I had to go through some serious messes that most people would not wish to go through. (I didn’t want to go through it but that’s just the way things worked out)

What is your ultimate goal in life? If you obtained that goal what was it?

MD: I really don’t know if I have a true answer to that question because as I evolve I see that I am never satisfied. Once I achieve something, I come up with something different to pursue. But not having to answer to anyone and be held accountable to a “boss” is a true life changer for me and makes me the happiest. That in itself is a huge goal obtained but I think this question is bigger than that for me, and I believe the sky is the limit for me which has endless possibilities.

Please take a moment and visit Myra Dorsey’s websites listed in the interview. She has a lot of information on starting a business as well as consulting HR. When we start new ventures sometimes it’s good to have someone to talk to. I believe Myra has the ability to point you in the right direction.

Community Convo: Do you want to start a business? What steps have you taken in order to do so? What questions do you have for Myra? Don’t hesitate to ask! 


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