Secret Surprise

My footprints leave marks as I make my way from the shower towards my dorm room.  I take a look at my phone; no missed calls. I don’t understand… I don’t understand where is everyone?

All day I’d been getting ignored from my best friend and my boyfriend. I sit on my fluffy white comforter as I release the towel from off my body. My body feels cool as the breeze lingers over my naked body.

As I dry off I continue to think. “Where are those two? I mean they have been spending a lot of time together and they both told me they had something important to tell me. What could it be? I hope it’s not what I think it is!”

The more I think about their absence, the more frustrates, and causes me to rush putting on my panties, I begin remember what my best friend told me the other day, “You are so lucky to have him as your man….don’t mess up girl because if you do, I just might take him off your hands.” At the time it was funny as we both joked but right now it’s not so funny anymore.

I need to go out for a walk. My mind was racing and I just can’t stand staying in this room any longer. I look inside my closet and grab a pair of dingy denim jeans and a t-shirt. The phone rings. It rang so loud it caused me to jump. I’m hoping it’s one of them! I thought to myself. I answer the phone and held it tightly to my ear. I hear an unfamiliar voice:

“Hey I know you don’t know me, but aren’t you Jason’s girlfriend?”

“Yes…,”I said worrying what the unfamiliar voice would say.

“Well he’s down here at 133 Main St at the bowling alley kissing all over your best friend Monica!”

“What?” I screamed.

I continue to ask questions but the person hung up. My heart beats faster and uncontrollably. I couldn’t believe they were actually together. I mean doesn’t my relationship with those two mean anything to them?

I grab my jacket, keys and cell phone and walk out the door. I ran down the steps instead of taking the elevator. My feet move so swiftly, my heart continues to pound faster as I make my way outside.

The sun is racing away from the sky as I make my way towards Main St. People are outside looking at me like I am delusional but I don’t care. I guess my worried face makes people wonder what is going on. All I know is that I need to see those two together with my own eyes!

The bowling alley is only a few steps away. I see people were standing around as if nothing is going on. Like everything is normal. Too bad I wasn’t feeling the same way. My steps moves faster as my hands begin to shake. I don’t know what my reaction is going to be. I don’t know who I am going to punch first but in a few minutes I know some drama is about to happen.

A classmate of mines notices me and covers her mouth. She knows in a matter of minutes I’m going to burst through these doors and the affair would be in front of my eyes. I reach the top of the steps and didn’t think twice about opening the door. My eyes widen as I’m surprised by what I see in front of my face.

SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALIA……they all said and my boyfriend greets me with a kiss. My best friend had a gift bag in her hand that appears to be from my favorite store Forever 21. There are a lot of people who showed up to my surprise birthday party. And boy was I surprise!


1 thought on “Secret Surprise”

  1. Jamie,
    This story was amazing! I loved the suspense!! it kept me thinking,which is always a great way to keeping your readers interested in your writings. You are a true talent and I know that you will succeeded. Please keep the stories coming!!
    Teresa 🙂

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