Signed…Sealed…Delivered! Important info on sending Wedding Invites

Receiving an invitation to a wedding is an honor that people should take seriously. We all know that one person who’s not going to RSVP and still show up to the event or vice versa. This is one reason why sending wedding invitations are exhausting!

There are many ways to make your invites festive, but that’s only the beginning of FullSizeRender-1the process. In addition to wedding invitations, couples send Save the Dates because it gives confirmation that you are getting married. Save the Dates should be mailed six to eight months before the wedding date. This will eliminate phone calls from guest like. “Are you getting married next year,” or “Did you guys set a wedding date yet?” Save the Dates is fun and some of the popular ways to send them are in magnet form, postcards, e-vites, etc. Use engagement photos for Save the Dates, this adds a personal touch your guest will enjoy, and it puts your engagement photos to good use.

  • GOOD TO KNOW: go to Shutterfly or Mpix to turn your engagement photos to nice keepsake items.
  • HELPFUL TIP: Have a budget set for invitations. They can be costly when you add details, additional envelopes, and special embroidering. Click here to read tips on wedding invites. 

Guests should receive formal invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. In addition to figuring out who is invited, seating arrangements are highly considered. If you want to have assigned seating at the reception, a seating chart is mandatory. Whether you are having a sit-down meal or buffet, let your guest know what is on the menu. Make sure all valuable information is on the wedding invitation card. This will give them a heads up of how the reception will flow. Take into consideration if you want the tables to be mixed with family members of the bride and groom, or if the siblings, aunts or uncles are going to sit together.

People will ask to bring a plus one and/or children, be diligent about your decision. If you decide to have children at the wedding have something for them to do. There are a few activities the little ones will like to do besides dance. There’s a list of things for children to do at a reception on Pinterest. If you don’t think your wedding will be kid-friendly state that on the RSVP card: “no children permitted”. Most people understand your special request and will find a babysitter to attend your event.

√ Keep in mind:  Use Excel spreadsheet to track your guest address and responses.

Wedding invitations cater to the personality of the engaged couple. If you are having a beach wedding, ensure your invitations to replicate something from the beach. Let your guest know if formal attire is required, it’s as simple as putting formal attire at the bottom of the invitation card. Song requests is a fun idea to do, it gives your DJ insight of what songs to play at the reception. Ask for a song request on the response card. Make a list of the requested songs and give it to your DJ before the event. Provide a returned stamped envelope along with the formal invitation for guest to RSVP. Most returned envelopes are free with the purchase of wedding invitations.

Some guest prefers wedding registries but it seems like in a few years that may be obsolete. A lot of couples desire monetary contributions because they can do whatever they want with the money. They have ideas to remodel their home, go on another vacation, or put the money into a savings account. Older guest usual seniors may feel taken back with putting money in an envelope because they like to shop. Another guest will follow suite and put money in a card because it’s convenient. Then there are people who won’t give you anything at all (but that’s for a later post).

The Truth About Wedding RSVP’s (and the downright ugly parts of it)

The new way couples are asking for monetary donations are through guest can put their money to excursions the couples want to enjoy on their honeymoon. It’s a different way for newlyweds to celebrate and not worry about honeymoon expenses. But as Americans, you can never go wrong with cold hard cash.

Everyone will not be able to make it to your big day. Life happens, certain events may prohibit someone from watching you walking down the aisle. However, most brides are reasonable, especially if they are told in advance. Expect people to let you know if they can’t make it at least a month before the wedding. That way you can work on your plan B guest list and invite them. If someone does not send you their RSVP by the due date, reach out to them to see if they are still coming. Explain to them you won’t be traumatized if they can make it and they should give you a response. One thing brides hate is when someone says they are coming and they have no intentions to. This is costing the bride and groom money that could be eliminated with a response.

Side Note: People on your B list may consist of co-workers, extended family members, or small children.

Overall this information gives you insight on what to expect after sending off your wedding invitations. Be prepared to chek your mailbox daily and check off the people who response as the RSVP comes in the mail. This will save a lot of time and frustration as you go about your planning. Have fun and enjoy the process because in due time this will be nothing but a memory.

IMG_4301BRIDES: If you are having a hard time explaining this to your guest, please send them to this blog post. I’m sure they will get the hint after they read this!

Happy Planning Brides!

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