The Problem We Face as Millennials

You are not alone.

You may not be in the job field you prefer, trust me I am a witness. The income and bills do not add up, your relationship sucks and everyone around you seems to be madly in love. You find yourself alone and in your thoughts, while others have family and friends to depend on. Life can throw some huge curveballs meanwhile you have to bounce back as if nothing is wrong.

You work so hard to get into your desired career. You enjoyed the years of undergrad, pursued an education in grad school to obtain a good paying job. All to be bombarded with student loans and God knows any other debt you collected over the years. You settled for a mediocre job for the time being just to make ends meet, but end up there longer than anticipated. You continue to get rejection letters from the career of your choice, yet you know you deep down inside you meet the qualifications and would do a better job than the person they hired. Everyone tells you it is going to be okay, but creditors are calling your phone and filling your inbox with the past due letters and unsubstantial balances. It does not look good from your point of view and screaming at the top of your lungs will not make everything go away.

What about those in a relationship? No, I didn’t forget about you. When you love, you love hard. You want what everyone else is raving about. To find what LOVE really means from someone that cares and not from a person who wants only what you have to offer. Falling in love is so easy while getting over a heartbreak seems damn there near impossible. You cry yourself to sleep at night all to wake up the next day with the same results. You go to work, make small conversations and try to avoid talking about the one who took you for granted. You are left with tarnish memories and anticipate when you can move on from an unwanted, unnecessary, and unappreciated relationship.

Everyone experience heartbreak and hard times at some point in their life but it doesn’t mean it’s over. There will be some tears shed, a cry for help, or a thought to want to give up on trying. Remember this, you have a purpose in life and you might not know what that is at this point, but know if you keep searching you will find the drive, passion, and reason you were put on this Earth.

There’s a time to get upset, sad, and even feel lonely, however, it is all temporary. People go through emotions all the time and when you are suffering it seems as if you are at your lowest point. Don’t ever think there is no way out because there is. I believe people go through things for a reason- it makes them stronger. It teaches you about yourself, what you can tolerate, what you won’t deal with, and how to handle stressors when they are thrown at you.

So how do we get out of this funk?

I am so glad you asked!

  1. Call A Best friend: If you have a best friend, someone who will listen and help you, by all means, call on that person. Hang out with them. Reminisce on good times and go out and enjoy yourself. Discuss life stressors because the more you converse about it, the more advice you will receive.
  2. Take A Yoga/Meditation Class: Going to a class and getting out of the house is a great place to start. You meet other people, talk to instructors, and find tips on how to meditate and alleviate stress. When people meditate or practice yoga, they take time out of their schedule to concentrate on themselves and think positive thoughts. They focus on breathing techniques and learn how to center their attention on one thing. As you know your mind can go from one topic to the next, it probably has done so while reading this blog, but learning how to control your mind and your thoughts will get you on the track of healing.
  3. Visit Family Talk to Older Relatives: Remember older people are wise, they’ve
    been through stuff and can probably tell you a thing or two about life. Grandparents and great aunts and uncles are amazing people to talk to. They can get you laughing and tell you stories you wouldn’t imagine they went through. Besides, they will also appreciate the call and the company.
  4. Take Yourself Out: Who says you need a date to enjoy a movie or a meal? You can watch a funny movie, indulge in something you wouldn’t normally eat and enjoy yourself. Set your own standards so when the right person comes around you will know what you want.
  5. Seek a Therapist: They are great when it comes to learning about yourself. I think everyone should have a therapist on speed dial…seriously. Therapists have ways of telling you about yourself from a different perspective. There is nothing wrong with seeing someone to help you with life toughest issues. Don’t allow society to think something is wrong because you sought to counsel. The more help receive the better you will become!
  6. Network: Go to a networking event, sign up to social groups on Facebook. Shake a few hands, say hello, and get to know people in your community. This is how you engage and move up the career ladder. People say it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know. Getting out of your comfort zone and interacting with people is a great way to relieve stress and you might land that dream job you always wanted. Do not be afraid to meet new people.

Getting out of a funky mood does not happen overnight. It happens gradually. Most importantly involve yourself with a church and attend activities there. Having that relationship with God will build you from the inside out. It gives you a guide as well as another support system when life stressors seem to come your way. Don’t take for granted that you have to handle life stressors alone.

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Community Convo: What stressors have you experience that you can share? How did you handle it and what advice would you give others who are struggling with finances, relationships, or careers? Do you think Millennials are pressured when it comes education and finding work in their career? Let me know, I am looking forward to your responses!

-Jamie Bess

4 thoughts on “The Problem We Face as Millennials”

  1. The problems you mention for millennials are universal, regardless of the generation. I think that’s life for majority of Americans, to be honest. The younger generation may not see it because most of their parents and grandparents have long since passed the time when those were real worries. Our parents and grandparents are pushing retirement or already retired. They’ve already gone through the struggles of finding a job that fits or getting stuck in one that doesn’t. They’ve dated, broken up, rebounded, married, divorced, remarried again and squeezed in time to have children.

    Despite how know-it-all the older generation may pretend to be… they didn’t have it together when they were younger… and honestly, don’t know much more now. We’re all just fumbling through life and leaping over hurdles the best we can. Sometimes we trip; sometimes we soar. That’s simply life.

    One day, you’ll be as old as your parents then your grandparents and the next generation will be fussing about the same things we fussed about when we were younger. 🙂

    How do I handle it? Plan and implement. Plan and implement. 🙂

    1. I agree one hundred percent! It’s interesting you mention this because some people think millennials can be spoiled. However, in 2009 that was one of the worst years to graduate due to where society was, it was hard to get a job and nowadays its common for any generation to struggle with a job, but as you mention some of our parents and grandparents are retired or close to retirement and ready for the next stage of life, it’s hard because for people who are looking to switch careers they have to go to school and find some way to obtain work experience. But I love how you said plan and implement because that is one of the ways we will get through tough times. Thanks for your comment. You words are inspiring.

  2. Whew! I had and have stressors always…from working to motherhood to marriage to personal struggles you name it. It can be alot on the body and mentality with balancing everything. I handle it by praying and trying to stay positive…I try to have “me” time because I have learned this about myself that I need that time to be silent and block everything out for a bit…to recollect my thoughts as you know as women our mind runs constantly and when you have children…there is always something to do or schedule. I handle it by doing one thing at a time and knowing that it will get better. I honestly dont think Millenials are pressured enough because there is a lack of motivation in todays generation…no one can say they dont have money for education because there are so many options. But I see people be wanting a quick way out or want to be rappers or singers or sports players but with education in this ever changing world is vital! I have learned to try to think on the level of other races if you look at them from being investors and business owners and not having to flash their money to show for it. Every day is a learning experience for me. I am always thinking of how I can do something on a larger scale helping others and not doing a 9-5.

    1. It’s interesting how our culture and generation play a major fact in society. It’s so easy to want the latest things and not invest our money in things that will be better for us in the long run! Thank you so much for reading.

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