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We live in a society where competition can be oh so unnecessary. For some woman, (not all) have a hard time crediting women when we see them doing well in the community. I must say I am the complete opposite and one of my goals for this website is to embrace women who want to do good for others. I pray my actions will be passed on to other ladies and generations to come.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve reached out to Tori Rose and learned about her incredible business Together Helping Each Other Overcome. As a young adult and a woman looking for places to network and finding opportunities to be a part of organizations, it can become challenging, especially when you work a 9-5. I think it’s even more challenging when you are not from the city you currently live in. I think you can be at a disadvantage because you don’t recall the girl from high school who makes changes in the community, or can’t recognize an activist that everyone knew about from undergrad.

Tori Rose The Connector host multiple events for people to meet and greet. In addition, she has an organization that helps people with their resumes, marketing, team building, and interviewing skills. Nowadays there are A LOT of competition when it comes to landing a job. It only helps to have someone coach you that has the skills to get you the job that you want to work for. Tori Rose is a Baltimore native and has the heart to help others obtain their goals. Take a moment and read about her amazing accomplishments and get information about networking events around the Baltimore Metro Area.

What inspired you to create and how did you come up with the name Together Helping Each Other Overcome?

TR: A few years ago, (2012ish) I realized I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to help others coordinate their events and be a consultant/ event planner. However, I had no real clue of how the business really looked. Who was my audience? What was my market? Where would I get the money? How do I endure obstacles and challenges? I have no clue… but, I decided to call the company “Tori Tyme” the Y, was to save YOU time. It was a cute idea, but it wasn’t very well thought out. Within a few months of launching my business, I was discouraged and decided to leave it alone. (Abandon ship!)

In 2015, I had a dream and in the dream, I was sitting in this beautiful office, in my own business, and I answered the phone and called my company “Theo”. I said something like, “Thanks for calling Theo, this is Tori”. It seemed like nothing more but a dream at the time, but I liked the name. I began to write Theo everywhere I went. I wrote it on receipts and in notebooks, but again, I had no real sense of what it was. Through a series of other events, learning, growing, developing, and building myself, I began to pray that God showed me exactly what Theo meant.

In January of 2017, I was sitting at my desk and I heard a voice say, “You’ve been misspelling Theo…add an “o”.” Immediately, I wrote out the letters T H E O O and I knew what the acronym meant. It meant Together Helping Each Other Overcome and it was the central mission for my life. I am a Connector. I love helping others, and I am satisfied by us all making it over our obstacles.

Is THEOO a non-profit organization or for-profit company?

TR: THEOO is actually a “for-profit” company. I started with the central purpose of developing others. I wanted to offer a service that would help individuals be the best versions of themselves. When we have been coached for an interview, we have the ammunition to be successful at work, and we have the documentation to back it up, we are invisible.

Ironically, within the first month of getting my LLC, I realized I needed to do more for my community. Making money is nice, but my focus has always been to provide a resource for others. Looking around Baltimore City I realized, many would not be able to afford my services, but they should be able to still benefit from the information. I needed a non-profit organization.

Because I am co-owner of the Beehive Connected Group, a boutique firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs maintain strategic partnerships, I knew a few nonprofits I could align with.

My cousin and business partner, Kiana B. Jones recommended we contact Lanise Stevenson a business guru, and history was made. We’ve been partnering with Lanise’s organization, Advancing Minds Educational Services Inc. (a 501 C-3) and working under their umbrella of educating people from ages 0 to 100.

What challenges do you face running an organization?

TR: I still want to have my own non-profit and I will be attending the board pipeline classes offered by Associate Black Charities in the Spring. It is important to fully know the roles and responsibilities of your board members and to have the right people in place.

For now, my strategic partnership is working for us all. We have found it mutually beneficial and we are able to raise money for local high schools for scholarships and resources. I know it is still my desire to have THEOO as both nonprofit and for profit.

What accomplishments are you most proud of with Together Helping Each Other Overcome?

TR: I am most proud to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a voice, renewed vision, and a strategic path to follow to ensure greater levels of success in their business. I am a life, finance, and business advisor and I get to encourage some of the most amazing clients. I have the ability to walk into their chaos and help them make sense of things. As a “Connector” of resources, individuals, and businesses, I often have the tools to help realign and sustain an individual’s business.

What are common issues you notice with team building?

TR: In team building within my people, (minorities’ brown and black people) the hardest tasks are helping others fight against historical triggers and releasing past hurts.

We often operate in fear and we do not know how to appropriately compartmentalize, forgive, stay professional, and support one another. In a culture where many are not self-developing, not reading consistently or forcing themselves to live positive affirmed lives, it can be a challenge to motivate, stimulate, and create synergy within teams.

I foster an environment that is safe. This means for my team as well as my clients. It is an environment of trust, honesty, constructive feedback, and affirmations. I find that many are not fully comfortable walking into “positive environments” because they believe it’s “phony”. I teach a number of soft skills training regarding interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and forgiveness and I ensure we all are aware of our working styles. In being consistent and fair, I have earned the trust of my team and of my clients. Individuals get to see that we are genuine my love for them and I really want them to overcome and be successful.

What are common issues you notice with people who need assistance with interview techniques or resume writing?

 TR: They are too embarrassed to ask for help. (yes even after securing an appointment and paying their invoice.) Once we get through the barriers of not wanting to ask for help, then we have to talk about the importance of using “I” statements. Many of my clients have been shamed into believing that speaking about “I” is bragging or not being humble.

We have learned to speak in the “we” and “team” mindset so much that when it is time to market oneself, we feel ashamed to do so. We don’t learn how to market ourselves, how to see ourselves as valuable assets, or how to explain what we bring to the employment table.

Another common issue is individuals normally do not know how to translate what they do into words or translate how their current role correlates to where they are going.

I ask a number of probing questions and sometimes I am met with hostility and defensiveness because no one wants to feel exposed. I have to reassure my clients that walking through the vulnerable places together and having the difficult conversations will allow them to better align with their future goals and dreams.

Much of what I do is help others see themselves as GREAT. Once we identify strengths and gifts, and I show them how unique they really are and the rest is easy.

I noticed you had multiple networking events in the community over the summer, how were they and do you plan to host events in the future?

TR: Each event was a success and it spotlighted community leaders, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. We love to have fun at THEOO and within the Beehive Connected Group. We get to show others that you can have fun, help the community, and move your vision forward at the same time. “It is important for us to reach for your heart before we reach for your hand.” So being a guest at one of our events means you leave feeling empowered, loved, and valued. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our supporters, and we openly express that at each of our events.

As far as upcoming events, we are using 2018 as a year to strategize and plan for our “Vision 2020” movement. We are supporting a number of others in their community-based events, and we are going on tour teaching one of our courses, “Navigating to Success”. This is iteration in the “Does Everyone Know your Name” Series of entrepreneurial workshops. We have the opportunity to travel around the country and share systematic and applicable practices that will ensure sustainability and visibility in one’s business.

Running an organization has its challenges, how do you manage to spend time with family while running Together Helping Each Other Overcome?
BALANCE!!!!!!! I keep God first, church, (I attend Healthy Choice Ministries International) and my youth ministry, and as a result, GOD gives me my balance. He allows me to have more than 24 hours in one day. (I’m convinced that I get about 30 hours each day LOL) I have a 9-year-old son, and I get to take him in the community with me. It is important for him to share my values and understand my heart and vision. I am the oldest of my siblings and I make time to text and call them. I talk to my mom daily and I carve out time to be with my friends and family. I USE MY CALENDARSSSS LOL. I am a systematic person who values order and structure so If I plan it, I do it. My word is my bond and I use my time wisely.

What future plans do you have for Together Helping Each Other Overcome? How can someone get involve with attending your networking events or be a part of the team?

TR: We (my team and I) are currently planning for 2020, and the launch of our adult education center. We will teach adult proficiency, English, and soft skills. Everything we do from now on is to prepare for “Vision 2020”. We will continue to support the community through community service initiatives, speaking engagements, and public appearances. We will continue to host quarterly entrepreneur workshops and anyone looking to support us can find us on our website follow me on Facebook/IG at Tori Rose the Connector and Beehive Connected Group. I would love for you to join us and I will also add your email to the email distribution list.

Tori Rose the Connector: THEOO, LLC

I am Tori Rose the Connector and “Together We Can Make a Difference”!

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Be on the lookout for Tori’s events in the Maryland area! Networking is one of the best ways to get involve in the community to make a change. You never know, you might be the help that one person may need.

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