Wedding Invitations: DIY or Your Trusted Stationary Company?

There are thousands of ways to create wedding invitations. Online templates give brides the chance to put their creativity to life. You no longer have to go to the store and purchase bulk invitations. Invitations at the store give you a limited selection to choose from, and it can be costly printing them from your computer. If you have not already downloaded a wedding planner calendar, do so here. Planners will give you a timeline of what and when things need to be done. Schedule to send out wedding invitations 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. It’s important to give guest adequate time to turn in their RSVP’s and provide them with accommodationsimg_4527
for your special day. Guest will want to know what hotels are blocked and if a shuttle service will be provided for the wedding. It’s imperative that the invites are informative to avoid unwanted phone calls from guests. The task can be time-consuming and tedious but it must be done! Pinterest has a lot of DIY (do it yourself) ideas that can be cost effective for your budget. Keep in mind to order or make extra invitations just in case you have to add people to your guest list.

Everything you need to know about your wedding invitation suite -Lauren Frankfort

Benefits of DIY wedding invitations

  • Display your creativity
  • Cost effective
  • Prideful accomplishment

Templates seem to be the way to go nowadays. There are a lot of websites that allow brides to design wedding invitations. You can download a personal picture of you and your fiancé. You can put in quirky quotes and make it the way you want it to be. When I was looking for wedding invitations I received quotes between $800 to $1,200 dollars for at least 120 wedding invites. With a tight budget, it can be difficult to spend so much money on wedding invitations, especially if you have a lot of other things to order off your to-do list.

Web sites that offer templates 

The possibilities are endless and it’s fun creating something for your guest to enjoy. Shop around and look at what these websites have to offer. There are promo codes you can search prior to purchasing your invitations. Before a company ships the invites to you, they will show you a digital sample of the final look. Have someone from your bridal party or wedding planner look at the latest draft for grammatical and spelling errors. If you find a mistake after you approve the design, contact the company and they will fix the corrections for you. Magnet Street customer service is excellent and I got in touch with a representative immediately.

Benefits of purchasing wedding invitations

  • Don’t have to worry about designs
  • Simple and easy process
  • Leave the work to the professionals
  • Less stress

Some people prefer to order invitations from stationary businesses. It’s less time consuming and when you leave it to the professionals you don’t have to worry about misspelled words or grammatical errors. They will schedule an appointment to for a consultation. They can help you come up with a design and bring alternative ideas to your attention. You will be able to see the design in person prior to placing an order. They can give you the professional look you are looking for. Most stationary businesses are at bridal shows and they bring a few of their designs to give you an idea of their style. Planning a wedding and dealing with life is a challenge.You may not have time to search the web looking for designs, or you may not be the creative DIY bride.

Stationary companies can give invitations that flawless look, they know what kind of paper to use and can add lace or burlap to give your invitations that etiquette style, a lot of brides crave for. It’s good to get opinions from professionals because they can let you know the best quality of paper, and it’s possible they will give you a discount. They can design save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding programs, seating arrangement cards, table numbers and so much more. The options are endless! They can use one design or a multitude of designs for your special day. Overall, the company’s job is to make sure you are satisfied and love the products they create for you.

img_9816Don’t panic and focus too much time on wedding invitations, depending on the wedding date guest will get anxious if they don’t receive any information in a timely manner. It’s difficult to not be indecisive but if you have a color scheme it will narrow down your choices. There are some designs you are not going to like but there should be a few that catches your attention. Most guests will be happy to receive an invite and just a few may focus on certain things like the design and color. The important thing to remember is legible wording for guest to read. You don’t want them to mistake the name of the church or the address to the reception because of the fancy font you used. Be concise and to the point with directions, and if you have a wedding registry let your guest know. By all means, enjoy every process of the wedding planning even if it takes hours to decide on your design.


-Jamie Rockymore

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