4 Ways to Enjoy your Wedding Day!

Weddings are emotional. There’s a lot that can go wrong, but it’s all in how you handle it. The event will go by fast, but it will be a great day of 14064086_10206582696437057_6882821700809654234_nlove and happiness. Everyone will be ready to take pictures and record you walking down the aisle. Others will get on the video camera and send out well wishes. It’s a day that you’ve been waiting for, so don’t be timid to have fun and enjoy your moment. You hear horror stories about brides arriving two hours late, or the caterer running out of food at the reception. Can you imagine what a guest would say if they didn’t get to taste the crab cakes everyone was talking about?

There was a time when I went to a wedding and the bride couldn’t find her cake, she was looking all over the place finally, they found it the kitchen instead of being on the cake table. Another time I went to a wedding and no one was where they needed to be. The event started late and the couple had to rush to the reception because the ceremony didn’t start on time. The one wedding that was the kicker for me was when the caterer ran out of food. I thought that only happened on TV shows but it actually happened to me! The caterer was struggling to find food as well as a fork for me to use. It was embarrassing for the caterer, however, each bride didn’t show her frustration. They danced the night away and enjoyed every moment of their wedding.

Weddings are busy events, (typically 6-12 hours) you will be on your feet smiling and talking to guests. You probably won’t know what time it is and everything will go by so fast. One minute you are getting ready to say I Do and the next minute you are lying in bed with your new husband. Thankfully there will be photos and videos to look at while you are on your honeymoon. Sadly, not everyone knows how to live in the moment and enjoy your day. If you are one of those brides who have to be involved in everything take a moment to read these helpful tips. If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor and your bride is causing a more harm than good, forward this blog to her and hopefully, she will get the hint

Snack on something: A fruit or granola bar is good to have in your stomach before the ceremony. You will be nervous and a lot of happy emotions will come into play. There are a lot of thoughts going on in your head and trust me, you don’t want hunger to be one of them. It will be
embarrassing to hear your stomach growling during the ceremony because you were too busy to take a bite of something. When hunger strikes it causes frustration. Ever see the Snickers commercials? Most brides don’t get a chance to eat during the wedding because they are too busy taking pictures or attending to people during the reception…so snack on something.

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Take a back seat: You cannot do everything on your own. The event coordinator’s job is to make sure things run smoothly. Have them put the décor together for the ceremony and reception. If you are putting things together it can cause hindrances when a mishap occurs. Leave it to the professionals! They organize décor for a living. If you want things done a certain way communicate that with your event coordinator. Take them to the venue and show them how you want things to be prepared. Have a meeting with them a week or a few days before the wedding, this will give them clear instructions on what needs to be done, also make sure you give them everyone’s contact information. They can contact the vendors and not stress you about minor things.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Not everything will go as planned. A vendor 14102450_10157368785010385_663458764145292447_nor limo driver may come late. Prior to the ceremony, my headpiece broke. One of the bridesmaids broke it and it was a major deal to me. My friend’s gown snapped, and my mother in law’s gown got ripped accidentally. We were a nervous wreck, but moments before the ceremony started everything turned out okay. The girls worked together and did what was necessary and put the headpiece back together. Everyone’s dress was fixed and we were ready to walk down the aisle. If I’d panic about my headpiece I don’t know what would have happened. There’s no need to get upset over things you cannot control. Anything that doesn’t happen that day is probably not supposed to. The lighting may be off, or the cake topper could go missing if so, let your wedding coordinator know and let it go. Your guest won’t even know and it probably won’t matter once the wedding gets started.

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Dependable: Brides have their Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor to help them out. Have someone to help you get dressed, set out your jewelry and 14102561_10100776476646955_1266021643352245772_nshoes, and make sure your bouquet is in your hand. Have a person by your side when you need to go to the bathroom, bustling up your dress, and giving you lip-gloss to touch up your lips. One of my bridesmaids did me a great favor and took my phone to take pictures during the reception. I looked at them while we were on our honeymoon and I enjoyed every bit of it. These are things a wedding coordinator might not be able to do because they are handling other things behind the scenes. One of the most important things to consider is finding someone who will pack your things once you leave the venue. If you are planning to go to your honeymoon designate a person you can depend on to gather your cake and other accessories that need to go back home.

You will not know everything that goes wrong on your wedding day, and you shouldn’t want to. Be happy and give out plenty of hugs. You deserved to enjoy your day because it’s a moment you and your husband will never forget.

Jamie Rockymore-Bess

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